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More from como's Corwin hake believe this concerns involved attacks on courthouse staff in a recent incident two security guards were confronted by disturb man after he rattled the locked door then rattled it some more and after shaking it for a while the screaming the door popped open that's county facilities manager Anthony right addressing county council members including Claudio bell duty who points out the building can certainly take a punch are building comes up for abuse I remember when it was shot we have cars alike to crash into a building to maximize security rights as the ninety eight year old courthouse really needs a complete refit the ballpark cost hundreds of millions switching number of hundreds would be and in a lot on how much of the structure we decided to keep no major courthouse renovations are currently planned Corwin hake komo news company news time two oh seven and now governor Jay Inslee along with the Washington state department of health for holding a press conference gonna corona virus the first U. S. case here in Washington state let's listen in the novel coronavirus that has recently been identified a washing state residents are you some just basic information about the situation that we have a host of scientific and medical personnel that we'll talk about our multi tiered response to this a particular concern just specific dates from November to January fifteenth we had a Washington state resident a man and he was in his thirties who is in war Han China January fifteenth he returned through see chapter to his residence here in Washington state he fell ill on January sixteenth they had a went to be evaluated for his condition on January nineteenth that is local clinician at that time he were it was suggested to him that he remains in isolation at home so he would not be a particular potentially side transmitter of any particular disease he was then at on January twentieth.

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