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Everything was great pizza. Weird. Like I had loss of pizza and even just like went to this mall. I was walking around like a mole that was pretty close to them because the weather was an incredible one day. It was like really raining. So we're just like kind of exploring. We went to a mole which is close to them and just like the food in the food court, right? We like we just want you would just grab like a quick sandwich, and it was just so good like the, I don't know what happened to you, but like the based STAN, I find the base standard of food that is higher because their ingredients is so good. They care about so much because literally everything I ate was incredible. That's the thing. Good. So good what we had. It was all good. Like nothing any of it was bad, but we were expecting the reaction that you just had and there was nothing I ate that. I thought, oh my word, this is the most incredible whatever I've ever had in my life. It's weird. So in summary, if you want to go to Rome, you need to have a Federico in your life to help you in God knows if we ever are lucky enough to get back to Rome, which I'd love to do, then I'm going to beg in plead Federico to come, take us out at least once and show us how to do it. People in the chat room that telling me that termi Youssou is always made musk opponent. It probably is like, I don't know, but I know that whatever these terms Sousa made out of five have before it was wrong. It was just straight up wrong because they want as good as this one. We did a little sightseeing whip. Bats sightsee is at least I am mostly. Typically why I like to travel is to see friends most of the time I, we have people love the wild now at this point. And my favorite thing about traveling is going to see people and just saying what they enjoy in their lives. You know, which is typically not like going to ex- place like, and so put this in perspective. I, I'm not really a big size. Yeah, I've been to New York now like four times four or five times. I've never even seen with my eyes statue of liberty. For all. I know it doesn't actually exist of never seen it because I'm very much like a, I'll see you next time kind of pus them, like if I like a place, I don't want to see everything has to offer because I will catch these things at another time. And I love New York, and I've seen a lot of New York now, but I've stayed away from most of the tourist stuff mostly because I'm not like a big stand in line to see a thing kind of person, but also just because like I don't. I don't travel the travel to places for those things typically. And I'll see another point is kind of how was fell about this stuff except to keep kicking that can and eventually you'll run out of space. I don't know. That analogy fell apart of me, but eventually you're gonna wanna do those sorts of things. I know Aaron and I are kind of an inbetween. I think between the two extremes that you've you've kind of come up with. We, of course love to see friends, and that's one of our favorite things to do, but we like seeing the touristy stuff like even the torch traps as a great example, when we did. The London I for your wedding. I loved that them might have been wedding itself aside one of my favorite moments of the trip because it was very low key..

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