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We're gonna mess him we are going to miss chase utley chase announces that he's going to retire at the end of the twentieth eighteen season so i certainly hope when hollywood and the mets play the for the final time in twenty eighteen whenever that may be that the mets give him the proper sendoff that would be something to look forward to frank is calling from the bronx frank frank neo frank all right frank dropped off franking call us back don is calling from westchester don you're on the fan what's going on okay how are you tonight coming along good i i just i have a couple of quick comments and i'll let you respond okay first off i i really admire your pros at the beginning of the show all the time that close pros you're happy that i'm leaving your happy that i'm the braga of is over no no no no you're pros in prose and poetry oh pros guy thought you were saying close most people would have liked you do have said close no not at all not at all then then i thought for a moment maybe we're talking about what i normally wear okay lookout but about how your pros is you're never gonna get me to drink the dark knight cooley well i'm i'm trying to trying to convince yankee fans have maybe he might be the guy to go again yeah each each other i think you could operate in the big city why he's had some difficulty with that a couple of quick observation one is i can't believe that it's the middle of july and if i'm not on the talk sports talk if i'm not listening to lebron about lebron i'm listening about mcgraw and or another i just get the feeling that those shouldn't be the two biggest topics okay well there have been since the beginning of this year now we're more than halfway ended this twenty eighteen there have been to events or two stories that have carried itself for longer than a day or two or three or four or five some stories have a lot of leg well and what has there have been two one was the nfl draft as soon as basically the giants and the jets ended their season we were talking about who they might be able to drive the giants and number two and then eventually the jets at number three the second story that has had legs and will continue to have lay eggs right up until july thirty one is the manny machado and door who the yankees might be able to gather in terms of pitching help believe deadline but i i believe and i'm a yankee fan i think they might look for a lefty specialist well that's very possible and the right now i mean the really the only lefthander they have and thank you for your call is jason shreve and brad hand has been talked about zack britain has been talked him out so i mean that's possible also although the bone pan is so strong i mean listen even though the yankees lost the sixty five to the indians a few hours ago by them one is the bullpen four innings of shutout ball and they are basically lights out and you know it's going to be with green at robertson and dances and chapman those four are going to be so highlighted because if the yankees are unable to get a half or a ham was one and if they do get one and they don't really show much promise and are not very successful by the one is you're going to see maybe maybe a hormone for five innings or less and then here comes a bold then to save the day so the yankees need to get themselves a starting pitcher and everybody is guessing it's going to be hap although i don't think that excites certainly what have you done for me lately and i again i asked friends at around six thirty he was gone home and i'm coming in and the bottom line is a massive game to which bob the two guys talked about the most certainly have the.

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