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You take melatonin and furthermore here's the key 'cause ledell doctors to say are you thinking of taking any supplements are we don't know what they're gonna do they might interfere with chemo if you feel better after chemo maybe the chemotherapy didn't work the chemotherapy didn't work well then what's the use to feel better but the very fact that you know you don't have rapidly indicates that you were blocking the efficacy the chemotherapy but here importantly melatonin treatment did not interfere with the beneficial anticancer effects of chemotherapy in human breast and ovarian cancer cells and so i uh i often recommend high doses of melatonin melatonin not just the amount required help with sleep which is a half milligram to three milligrams nightly but twenty milligrams name think ethical i've never gonna wake up after a take that it's like taking five volumes will know because melatonin 's threshold effect is achieved at about three milligrams but taking more you're not gonna feel knocked out her exhausted you get used to it very quickly and plus it has longterm cancer preventive effects particularly in breast cancer prostate cancer so it's safe to take its effective it will help to reduce this post chemo side effect which may cause patients to have difficulty with fastening buttons or walking barefoot were caused pain that can persist even after the cancerous cured meeting with some patients unable to return to work are able to carry out.

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