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A game. Colorado yeah he was against the colorado avalanche it. He remembers it like it was yesterday. Yeah it was february in buffalo says pretty cold and I think i was out to dinner the night before and i didn't wanna pump gas out cold. It was. i always do that. Move me and most runaway away to the game. And i was. I had not much gas in the tank. So i really the heat blaring in the car heated seats gone music going off. Probably like probably ten minutes in the rink. One o'clock game two and All of a sudden the car starts slowing down in the highway and I run out of gas on the way to a game some panicking but like we had left early enough where we weren't gonna be late but we weren't going to be on time like we were gonna late rights on one o'clock gained. It'd be there you know before eleven like we were gonna be there for eleven probably and so my car i pulled over on the offramp and i'm in a three piece suit and But and there's there's a good amount of snow on the ground and i'm trekking through the snow and there's not like a close gas station off the exit so i'm trekking through the snow off the exit. I'm running down the street. Three piece i get to the gas station freezing. I'm like i go in. There's there's like the gas cans. Whatever so i'm buying one and a guy walks with a bunch of stuff on. He looks at me notices me. He's like oh jack heikal right. And i don't even. I'm just like yeah. Can you help me. He's like Yeah yeah sure.

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