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Just a few minutes. A bipartisan group of governors calling on the Biden administration to provide better communication on vaccines. ABC is Mark Roma lard reports nine governors, both Democrat and Republican taking issue with the way the Biden administration. CDC is reporting covert 19 vaccine numbers. They say the data doesn't distinguish between what states are doing and what the federal government is doing. For example, the difference between how many doses have been sent and administered by state governments and how many have been done by pharmacies through direct shipment from the federal government, which the states have no role in, they say that's leading to confusion. Marco Malard, ABC News and Down on the Cape. Local lawmakers are not happy with the Baker Administration. WBZ is Rob Woodard explains Why elected officials here on the Cape voicing their displeasure with Governor Charlie Baker in the Department of Public Health. Over the dearth of covert vaccines available on the Cape over 20 state lawmakers signed a letter to the governor last week asking him to reconsider several aspects of the state's vaccine rollout. Cape Cod State Senator Julian's here and state. Rep. Stilling Fernandez and Tim Whalen criticized the vaccine rollout on Cape Cod last week and now found the town manager Julian Suso, also speaking out. Well in the 975 doses coming to Barnstable County per week completely unacceptable. That was in a letter to the governor on Friday from the Cape Cod bureau. Rob ordered WBZ Boston's news radio, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health reporting just shy of 1500 new cases of covert 19 and 32 additional deaths this evening. The seven day average positivity rates. It's a 2.19% just over. 1100. People are hospitalized with the virus tonight. 286 of those patients are in the I see you in New Hampshire state run covert 19 vaccination sites and testing clinics will be.

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