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Can be a find a replacement or you can just use it for remote servers But i love. You can connect it to all these different file providers because it just makes life easy. You can save favorites all sorts of things. And i like the fact that i can have different favorites on different devices you know. It's already different favorites in forklift to on you know in finders so that i can easily jump around between different things. But i've got connections safe. They're all sorts. It is great it works really well. And if you have a setup subscription it's part of setup as well Which makes it free for those people subscription price. So when when your copy would ford live you. Don't get that teething thing where one file just creates a problem then. Finder says all right. Forget it. I don't say in the rest for can skip around that file and keep going bone is worth every cent gap. That is actually one hundred percent of the reason why i was there. I was trying to copy a bunch of files to a hard drive. Hard drive is formatted and it can't take files bigger than four gates. And i had one file. That was four point. Zero one geeks I find driving me crazy. Forklift just picks up binary nights dot com. So i've played with pathfinder and i noted the forklift was out there as a finder replacements. But this looks more like something like Transmitter something it's more about. It's halfway between pathfinder and transmit. I would say it feels really polished. It's got a nice. Ui it's got a sidebar so that you can see previews of your files and things like that Get this yeah. I keep trying a pathfinder thinking i'll like it and then i go dance not really i liked the finders finder thirty dollars for single use license family licenses. Fifty dollars Could choice. I thank you. I'm going to take a look at that. I've been looking for something like it. Andy nocco pick of the week I don't have anything that is like a thing or a piece of software. Pick the week so instead i'm gonna give it give a tip. That actually worked really well for me. i at when you're at your desk wherever you do you work. Just open up a open up a window for ebay or whatever online store usually shop at and just turn your head from like this way to.

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