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Hi drivers how do you like your coffee because we've got it just the way you like it at highland flying J. ice cold for piping hot with seven great tasting specialty planned locally roasted every hour and all the creamers toppings and flavors you could want no wonder it's called the best on the on the interstate you want it we got it at pilot flying J. and download the my pilot asked for copies savings and more why do you run exercise see the city see the neighborhoods furnace music T. shirt finisher's medal brewers ticket voucher to be yours that's right it's all included in the eighth presented by PNC you can choose between a five K. ten K. or half marathon starting and ending at Miller park it all happens on Saturday September twenty eighth and then if it's not fun register now before prices go up on August twenty fourth for more information head do brewers many dot com this week on the loose in one hour to homebuyer it's location location location to god it's relationship relationship relationship learn how the core teachings of the Bible helped to create and sustain our relationship with god and with others this week on the Lutheran hour Sunday mornings at six thirty six twenty WTMJ pain is complex and frequently does not respond to conventional treatments you've heard about alternative treatments such as stem cells but I'm here to assure you that in most cases there is no need to get stem cells or surgery because there are other very effective lower price treatment options I'm Dr Neal Pollack a board certified neurologist and musculoskeletal pain specialist with neurology and pain treatment daily we expertly diagnose the exact cause of our patients painful conditions and obtain phenomenal relief by combining standard and advanced powerful cost efficient therapies that most physicians have not learned if you have a full color generalized pain problem you owe it to yourself to learn more about us we could be the answer to your problem call four one four four five three seventy seven eighty red.

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