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Thank you. And the number chasing, fifteen under par by Henrik norlander. Randy ball, has been with him all day. Randy. Yeah. Guys, we are through the hundred ninety seven yard number twelve. The breeze is definitely picking up that that whole playing dead down wind today. Not only is it northwest. It's almost more westerly wind as well. So that played down wind that did cause Brian, bigly, I believe to go just a little bit long. It was over the green. He did manage to get up and down to save his par and stay at fourteen under. We had another ten twelve foot up the hill. Maybe closer to fifteen for our leader. Henrik norlander birdie putt. He left that dead short. Good foot Nash or the whole and then tap that in for his part to stay at fifteen under Sebastian Kaplan. Hit a very nice tee shot just beyond the whole just a little horseshoe on it lift that put out, really. I was walking it in. I kinda think he thought he made it but did not was able to tap in. In to get to this sorry to stay at thirteen under they haven't made their way to thirteen T, which is listed as a four hundred thirty seven yard par four, but it is dead into a new wind. So it's hard to feel it. If you're anywhere protecting the trees. But right out here in the open. You can feel that it's certainly into the win. All three players have missed the fairway right? All three are going to have issues with the same tree. I can put a blanket over them, but they are none of.

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