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Chucky Schumer, Mcconnell, Paralympics discussed on Sean Hannity


Chucky Schumer again well McConnell and from what they wanted to do was it never even half of the trial and never even had a consider witnesses they wanted to dismiss it originally because of the pressure you're talking about because even in one poll sixty four percent in one poll plurality forty eight to forty four of even Republicans and you know rank and file Republicans almost always start with trump but they wanted witnesses he pushed they had to kick the can down the road and delay the issues of witnesses I think we made progress the last few days in the focus on witnesses yesterday when I am offered those amendments in the Republicans had to vote on them and their constituents so exactly where they were we made more progress today and it's going to be a process to I my certain will succeed far from it you know twenty twenty by our friends of building homes for heroes dot org amazing organization I've been small part of this and and honored to be a part of this for many years now they have a goal they want to construct and they want to gift a record number of forty homes for injured veterans and their families now they build brand new homes and they also they'll do reconstruction of a home to specifically take care of the the whatever the injury happens to be of one of our brave that's and they do this and they do this every penny you gave goes to the charity and forty homes for forty families I've met these families I've met those that have sacrificed so much for us I know what this means to them and their families it is life changing in every way imaginable it's an amazing charity building homes for heroes dot org they do other things as well they provide financial guidance to our brave men and women when they come back they have emergency funding to help vets get out of debt they host retreats to help keep their families together a lot of these guys have PTSD it's terrible they help them train for the Paralympics warrior games they help them start new businesses helping them achieve achieve dreams that these veterans never imagine when they got and took on the severe injuries they unite communities in corporations all across the country and they have forty ADA accessible homes that accommodate veteran specific entries look I'm giving give ten Bucks please help them building homes for heroes dot org I donate to them I hope you will join me if you're wealthy if you're if you're a corporation and you want to get a tax deduction that really is worth while you donate twenty five grand a more we're going to give you.

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