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The effort is being funded by the federal government. They've got a convoy of eight vehicles, including four boats headed South. Brian Colton's news radio 700 w O W. The trial of a Butler County man on over 100 counts of child pornography is now off, According to court records. 26 year old Trevor Fraley of Madison Township has agreed to a plea deal with a hearing scheduled for October. He was facing hundreds of years in prison. U. S service member from Dearborn County is among the confirmed injured from last week's attack at the main airport in Kabul, Afghanistan. Marine Kelsey Lainhart was last reported in stable condition. She was among 18 U. S Service members wounded in the attack. 13 were killed, including Navy Corman, Max Soviet back from northern Ohio. Meantime, rockets have been fired on the Kabul airport less than 24 hours before the deadline to end evacuation flights and withdraw U. S troops. No organization has claimed responsibility. Yet as evacuation flights continue. The U. S has in total evacuated about 114,000 people. So far, that number could continue to creep up before the deadline and the vast majority of those are Afghans. They have been flown out to U. S military installations in the Middle East. From there. They started to fly Afghans to bases in In Germany, Italy, Spain, So these Afghans may spend months now in these transit countries. That is a BCS Connor Finnegan a mix start to the day on Wall Street. The Dow down 77 points. NASDAQ's picked up 93 while the S and P has gained 12 Our next update at 10 30. Rick, you Chino. NewsRadio. 700 wlw Go early. Stay late. Travel stress free can sell outbreaks bike what you're doing, Otis. The Bay Bridge needs a jingle. Yeah, telling people to cross the Bay Bridge early in the morning or late at night. Go early. Stay late. Travel starts freedom celebrate businesses on the Eastern Shore are thrilled to have you back. Go early and stay late. Get a bridge Traffic updates at the M V to on.

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