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And so that when people say prost down in it means that you can do whatever you need to do to win that game and so that's what i hope we can build matt ruler coach builder freddie komen its duty on espn radio what are you going to miss buffalo at off you allow the the people the players um you know is photo social media nice top players hit me up all the time and yell out of my former players i had to go back to the draft and watch them get drafted i i was able to hire kid the play i last year is a graduate assistant so while you know just sort of a connection um but i you know i i loved those people i love the people the temple of the people in philadelphia yet i also probably missed the chief stakes in the calcio jones in all but i replaced that with a tacos and burritos and men's barbecues on okay very we'd see stakes texas barbecue which is better you know what you have to have a low for all y'all de la guide you know no no no no no that's night that's a man that loves flag i here last night in the i got the plane and we drove on ninety miles now the pepys all you identified perhaps aware laura i know i'm going to find the best of the best when it comes to food when you got the peppers what did you order because now hungry white clam pie in a pepper only no move some man what kind of beverage you consider it's an adult program i think i had a little glass a cabernet and my friend over here at a white birch beer for the first time you never had burst bure before so how do you like that he said it was root beer flavored cream um so that's exactly what about the exact above get a drink soda crawling until you've lived in pennsylvania amish country verge peers away of leisa reviving temple what you did how much that could be the same of bill i ally i hope it can help and hence with co couple jb ships in the championship run but it to me as it all all college football programs are the same you know they're different in the way you.

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