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It should never be used for advertising purposes in any manner whatsoever. Do wear a lapel flag pan on the left near the heart. Don't use it as drapery your bedding or wear it either. Yes, I'm talking about your American flag. Swimsuit Tanya, j powers Fox News. Boy, lot of rules regarding the US flag. And I broke him out, because we're gonna be talking with tons, eight pars, eight o'clock hour about this flag should not be displayed displaying the American flag on a vehicle. This is interesting. The flag should not be displayed on the float except from a staff, nor draped over the hood, the top the sides or the back of the vehicle. I wonder how many floats violate this in like. The fourth of July parade in Bristol because it seems as those draped on the sides aren't not been always hung from a staff. Right. So a lot of rules, a lot of rules displaying the American flag alongside other flags the American flag should be at the center in the highest point when displayed with a group of state flags. You wouldn't believe how many rule Sarah Christina gonna go over them with tiny hearing Tanya say, can't wear can't wear them on their clothing. I remember when the Red Sox went to the two thousand and which we're where was it two thousand thirteen when they went to the White House. One of the more colorful, Boston Red Sox players actually had a check made out of an American flag. Johnny Gomez, supposedly not supposed to do that. Mary, a standing next to a bomb an expense. You're taken violating the policies of US tack lab. Yeah. Protocol exactly this sound good to you is a restaurant chain of Australia. The added a surprising new ingredient to their burritos and people kind of freaking out about it, all of a sudden, it's dividing on the internet mad Mex. That's the name of the place is now serving pineapple in their Mexican food. And the controversial addition is dividing the internet, according to the mad Mex Facebook page. Some customers say they're excited Detriot. Others just say, oh, that sounds absolutely terrible. It sounds good. Yeah. Have you ever had a, a mango, or pineapple salsa think that that would go right, right? Nicely in barbecue pineapple, too that divides. I think anytime you can put suite with hot you're gonna win. I'm with ya dividing the studio not the studio at all we, we. We're going to give mad mix of up for that one. Thumbs up for pineapple burritos, some people might not even want to try it can cut dashing was at the White House yesterday, why here's FOX, Michelle Pollino, Kim Kardashian speaking at the White House appearing alongside President Trump in supporting efforts to help people leaving prison return to the workforce made a special announcement e have a, a ride share partnership, where formerly incarcerated people will be gifted gift cards so that they can get rides to. And from job interviews, west initially seated between Jared Kushner, and vodka Trump was met with applause after President Trump mentioned the reality star in his opening remarks. She called it a great honor and called Trump's support of the second chance program. Magic Michelle Pollino, Fox News finding. The time to exercise man that can be a challenge for all of us turns out, the effects of exercise might differ, depending on the time of the day that you perform it. So when they were looking at mice because, you know, mice love to exercise. They found that exercise performed in the morning results in an increased metabolic response with your skeletal muscles. While exercise later in the day increases energy expenditure for an extended period of time. So Richard, they still won't say if exercising if one time is better than exercising at another because they want to keep the health clubs open hall all day and all night. Right. They noted at this point, we can only conclude that the effects of the two appear to differ, and we certainly have more work to determine the potential mechanisms for the beneficial effects of exercise and training performed at these two time points. So they're eager to extend the studies, they say to identify if time exercise can be used as a treatment strategy for people with metabolic diseases. You know, also, I think, in situations with rehab, that would be a important evaluate. To, you know, people coming back from injuries as better, exercise in the early hours midday were towards the evening. Turns out how you hold you head can actually impact up people perceive. You Canadian researchers found that tilting. One head downward even at the facial features are in a neutral position it leaves an observer thinking that the person is more dominant just a little head down. All right. And you don't change you facial expressions. When researcher explains this effect is caused by the fact that tilting head forward leads to the artificial appearance of lowered V-shaped eyebrows, which in turn will elicit perceptions of aggression intimidation dominance. That's true. Now, the scientists want to do more research into how the tilt of the head affects how people interpret facial expressions, I've ever done a drawing as a kid, you know. And it's always working the eyebrows, right? The show the emotion, whether or not this apprised there, there's anger confusion, what have you. So that makes sense. Reddit thread asking users, what's the best food in your country in your opinion has brought in some rather mouth-watering responses while summer mouth-watering, people are happy to post the tastiest thing that their country has to offer, and these are the top foods, they feel Americans are missing out on Christina in Indonesia of a cut of milkshakes says we make it with coffee chocolate syrup in it tastes amazing. Wow. So coffee coffee chocolate syrup in KADO. I guess I'll have to take their word for that one. No, no. Like this one on this. When I saw this yesterday. Got distracted. I was so excited about it Netherlands, it's called bitter Bolland. And they're kind of like Dutch meatballs that are breaded and fried. And I mean, one user says that they love them so much. They take bitter ball in over Stroup awful any day. And I've wrote in some Stroup awful. That was good. But bitter bolan you know that savory Meatball e type of thing we've had. Oh man. I've had I love it. I definitely recommend great in Georgia tiny, little place, right? Katcha pori. It's a clash that dish from these small European country. It's a cheesy bread dish, that will make your car eating dreams come true. High carb, Australia. I don't know if you've ever seen this, but they eat fairy bread. Very yeah. It's, it's this is a breakfast meal, and they, it's literally just a slice of white bread with a thin layer bread butter. And then the colored sprinkles are just goes on tap, like sugary college Franklin he put on ice cream. Okay in Iran. It's tad Ige and rainy dish, translates to the bottom of the pan, essentially, a large circle of crunchy and fried basmati rice, different in Brazil, they're having phased WADA, which is basically black beans with just a bunch of meat on it. I guess, sounds appealing in Vietnam. Bun bun, boo. There's more to Vietnam Vietnamese food than what, what is? Okay, like bomb, boo Hugh. Which is a soup made with a certain kind of rice and beef. All right own Switzerland. They have rock, let, which is, you know, forget, fun, do this is a Swiss delight. And what they do is they, they scrape the melted cheese. It's melted cheese, basically doing they just put that right onto your food. Okay. You can see your cholesterol, go right through the ceiling in Japan catsuit curry, people love this deep fried, pork, cutlet on a bed of rice and curry sauce on top. Okay. And Peru, this say they have Loma Lomo Todd, which this person says is a heavenly Peruvian dish, which is made from perfectly season, steak potatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes and onions and, you know, I've proven food. They do that a steak really well, and in Canada, it's all about Putin. What's not to love about fries cheese, courage and gravy gravy on French fries doesn't flip my boat there. But I did. Kinda rap record those calories as well. Do you know what? I don't like vinegar on French fries, ketchup, kind of guy. What can I say? You can get catch up with no sugar in it, by the way. So big push to eliminate single use plastic bags boy, we're aware that around here, but there's one supermarket. This got quite the strategy embarrassed. The customers over his FOX's John Saucier. The east west market in Vancouver, British Columbia has redesigned their plastic bag complete with large fund with things. You might not want to get caught holding the bag says into the weird adult video emporium like it just got outta there. Another one has a logo for Dr toes, wart wholesale. These are just plastic grocery bags, but Vancouver actually has a requirement for businesses to have a single use item reduction strategy, this place going with fake logos that may cause real shame all in the name of saving the environment. John Sasa, Fox.

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