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Welcome to democracy now democracy now dot org the quarantine report. I'm amy goodman democratic house. Impeachment managers have released shocking video. Never seen before from inside. The capitol during the chinese worry six insurrection showing lawmakers as well as vice president mike pence scrambling to evacuate as violent trump supporters which just yards away that's described trump as the insider in chief and said he was quote singularly responsible for inciting his supporters bhai spreading the big lie that the election was stolen. This is house impeachment manager stacey plastic of the virgin islands speaking at the senate trial donald trump over many months cultivated violence praised it and then when he saw the violence his supporters were capable of he channeled it to his big wild historic event. He organized january six the same people that just organized a rally resulting in substantial violence and made absolutely sure this time these violet rally-goers wouldn't just remain in place. He made sure that those violent people would literally march right here to our steps house. Impeachment managers also revealed that on january. Six trump sent out a tweet attacking vice president pence minutes. After senator tommy cover ville of alabama told the president on the phone that pence had been evacuated from the capital due to the riots. Democrats also revealed. Protest organizers did not initially have a permit to march from their rally site on january six but the white house intervened to make sure people could march to the capital. We'll have more on the impeachment trial after headlines and speak with journalist. John nichols in georgia. The attorney of fulton county has opened a criminal investigation into donald trump's quote attempts to influence the administration of the two thousand twenty jour-jour general election district attorney. Funny willis has asked state authorities to preserve all records tied to the effort. To overturn joe. Biden's victory georgia on january. Second trump asked georgia's secretary of state the republican brad ravensburger to quote find eleven thousand seven hundred eighty votes. The exact number of votes he needed to win in another call. Trump urged investigator in raffin spurs office to quote. Find the fraud. Georgia's secretary of state's office has launched. Its own probe into trump's calls to state officials the biden administration's announced plans to partner with new york and texas to build five new large cove nineteen vaccinations sites and communities of color hit hardest by the pandemic dr marcela nunez smith is chair of biden's covert nineteen equity task force. This is a perfect example of our equity. Were coming to life and this is a model for the potential. We have to do this well across the country through the new vaccinations sites being announced today. We're taking the response directly to the communities. That need it most. this comes as the. Us death toll has topped four hundred. Seventy one thousand by far the highest in the world more than half of all. Us cova deaths have occurred since november first. A new report in the lancet medical journal finds forty percent of all. Us cova deaths could have been prevented. Meanwhile the centers for disease control and prevention is our recommending people. Wear two masks such as surgical mask with a cloth mask. On top to reduce exposure the world health organization is recommending. The use of the oxford zanuck vaccine for all adults some european countries have objected to giving the vaccine to people over sixty five the guardian reports. The decision opens the way for the united nations backed kovacs program to start shipping doses to lower income countries across the world. Saudi women's rights activists. Jane hath lou has been released after being locked up for nearly three years in a saudi prison. Her sister posted a photo of her wednesday with caption reading lou. Jane hathloul at home after one thousand one days in prison unquote under the terms of her. Release half lou is barred from leaving saudi arabia and prohibited from discussing her time in prison where she was reportedly subjected to electric shocks waterboarding flogging and sexual assault lucina has was arrested may two thousand eighteen. After leading a movement to lift a ban on women drivers to overhaul the male guardianship system in saudi arabia. President biden spoke with chinese president. Xi jinping on wednesday for the first time since taking office the call came on the same day biden visited the pentagon which has just launched a new military task force focused on china when you take on the dangerous and opportunities of emerging technologies enhance our capabilities in cyberspace ensure that we are positioned to lead a new era of competition from the deep sea to outer space. And we need to meet the growing challenges posed by china to keep peace and defend our interests in the indo pacific globally earlier. This week china criticized the biden administration for deploying two aircraft carriers to the disputed south china sea to carry out military drills protests are continuing in burma for six straight day to condemn the military coup that ousted burma civilian leadership including aung san suu. This comes as burma's military junta has unveiled plans for sweeping cyber-security law in a move to crackdown on free. Speech online on wednesday president biden imposed sanctions and permits military leaders. Military must relinquish power seized and demonstrate respect for the world the people of burma as expressed in their november eighth election in news from tel aviv. The israeli cabinet has approved. Nearly three billion dollar arms deal with the united states to buy f thirty five and f sixteen warplanes chinook helicopters refueling planes and thousands of bombs and advanced armaments. Meanwhile in the west bank israeli forces have demolished the palestinian bedouin. Village of kiribati com. Foca for third time this month on monday israel confiscated nine tenths that how sixty one people including thirty three children. Israel also demolished five livestock enclosures palestinian activists abdullah abu grandma condemned. Israel's demolition policy has been completely razed and complete demolition for a clear purpose to evict the residents dislocate them from their lands that are for tile vast special which is our future and the future of the residents here was the full loans. Couldn't walk the moon up and media news. A columnist with the guardian newspaper says he was fired after writing. A sarcastic tweet criticizing. Us military aid to israel nathan robinson who edits the journal. Current affairs had written for the guardian since two thousand seventeen but his column was discontinued after the editor. In chief of the guardian. Us criticized a twitter. Post of robinson's mockingly claimed all. Us spending bills must include money to buy weapons for israel. The guardian has denied. Robinson was fired saying it regularly reviews its lineup of columnists. The us on average gives us real three point. Eight billion dollars in military aid every year larger than any other country.

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