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Atheist or you or an atheist or all kinds of moment honestly just real truth moment i didn't know you could choose choose religious book of some sort you can shoot like supposed to be what you swear affirm to okay so whatever you believe in most whatever book i suppose you believe in most i mean as she didn't choose the books he didn't choose a bad book to to to swear in a her ozone so i'm not mad at that at all i'm sure i'm looking at online at which is the local newspaper and they have this photo of her shortly after taking her oath of office and there is like the whitest white woman ever who's also on the county commission with her just ran up and hugged her i mean this is about today she was on the phone colin the police we've seen that they swear no books this master by outta police have you seen the latest would know there's a lady she called the police on this guy who was just doing his job repaving the parking lot i don't think he was a black guy he looked like he may have been like white or white or hispanic or something like that but he definitely was white presenting as they say and yes she was like you're using dangerous chemicals and we have children that come in here and all kinds of stuff later you know this woman malefic can be the new can we use by baking no one while we can't use bobby.

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