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Is something that went viral Dak Prescott. Okay, one more does this man have to fucking news his City for his City's football team to say, let's put a ring on it. You're our Jude. So Jack Prescott and Matthew McConaughey paid for homeless people to they basically felt homeless people during this entire Texas shitstorm ice storm that happened here 1000 meals to one of the local homeless shelter slash organizations that are feeding folks and keeping them warm. This is actually like a warming Center slash place for people to come and be fed. Yes, Jack Prescott and Matthew McConaughey joined forces and did this now I get it off. Granted I'm not going to be the asshole. It's like oh, well, if it's not public that means people don't donate not true at all. Who knows who else donated from that organization, but you think it would have leaked somehow right? I'm not going to assume nobody donated but it just doesn't look good publicly when there's other organizations locally on the sports side that are donating. Anyway, my point with that is what the fuck more does Dak Prescott home to do. I'm starting to get really fucking mad. I'm about to go up to the star or Preston Hollow or Highland Park or University Park or actual Cowboys stadium and beat it or down because your girl is fucking pissed at this point. Well, here's what sucks for you Jazz. The one thing have you seen my life since 2020. There's a guy there's a running list. There's a sticker of everything that's wrong with my life. That's at the bottom of the screen. Yeah. That is there's no debating whether or not deck is a nice guy. Clearly. We know that clearly we know he's as a fantastic human being home. A leader, but thank you. Amy. We're moving on does not does not mean that he's worth what ever he is trying to Garner from the Cowboys. They're not willing to pay him come at next in offsides. You can be a super nice guy, but it doesn't mean.

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