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Thing I, mean do the big. Problem we all were waiting and wanting to see Dominic. Smith I, mean we were hearing about him like we're hearing a by Torres, sword, Andrew, Harr and. Okay now that we have seen Dominic meth Dominic, Smith we've seen. Enough the problem was that they couldn't make it out with the Dominic. Smith so the going higher Adrian, Gonzalez that was the mistake we. Want, listen Dominic Smith was certainly highly rated along with resort and Rosario is coming into his. Own it's a little bit of a slow. Start I, mean when you listen to me right here in New York, City you got Andrew are right from the get-go and. Torres rival in the get. Go so now you're thinking every time the. Mets were they look how long? Nemo It took to. Develop, into what he. Has become, their best defensive all. Around player he was drafted in what was it twenty. Eleven I, believe and for one hundred years already has been in the organization, unable, to, make an. Impression until this year sometimes it takes a little, bit longer but. At least Nimmo has a spot on the team and metropolitan fans are. Happy to see the energy in, the Spar everybody else it seems. As, dead men walking the bottom line is that with Dominic Smith the problem was alright Dominic. Smith out of shape and not showing up. And not, getting heads and not looking very good and so forth and, so on so they go and make a mistake not. Do they hire Stockins do. They sign him no they're going get Adrian. Gonzalez big mistake? Steve is calling From, Corum Steve you're on the. Fan what's. Going on hey Well nice to. Have one answer. Sure so let me, make two quick points if, I? Can't I on the. Mets I, believe your hundred percent right they shouldn't trade pitchers you know there's no guarantee that they're going to get back, anything better than a, Walker photo or? Florez You've got those. Guys on, your team already put I at first base and putting them all in Conforto and out there Oh you got the minor league slugger. I basically backup Broussard I bake and for free get freezer over a third They gotta be the bullpen me out, and yes absolutely I mean Again bad decisions bad hires bad. Acquisitions bad deals, bad signings and that is more, of the problem so and again I understand sometimes with. The youngsters sometimes even swore Zach last year with Milwaukee was great he had more I think he had. And we can look it up by, he had around seventy seventy, one appearances is. R was under three. And he helped the brewers a great deal and I, thought wrong but at the time when they when Alderson signed him I. Thought great AJ romo's I thought was going to. Be good swore Zach I thought was going to be. Good Lovin I thought for once might get a lump dander out gazelle machine is better a getting left-handers, out and then you got familiar ready. To close, and. And listen They deal him nobody's going to be. That upset Michael is calling from hartsdale Michael you're on. The fan thanks for taking the time this, is summers how are you coming along Mike how about yourself I'm doing well you always make it a. Pleasure to calling because the stations well. Thank you for that well listen it's a pleasure to hear. Your voice. Calling, in very good. As much, as I'm looking seeing that is back in the lineup I'm also looking forward to. Keith Hernandez I. Critique in his play at first. That comes to fruition I, know. Well and it will. I question did you ever. Get to seek. Peace play live in the, eighties? In the stadium Not, well, no no I didn't know right I I came to shave first time in the seventies but I didn't see Hernandez now I. Used to have field level seats way..

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