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Stereotyped goes usually that there are character actors and starts a character actor can show up in a couple of scenes, maybe even five minutes, and in that one moment on screen may make the film. That's the kind of thing that my guest tone children can do. Well, a star. Of course, you build the whole movie around TV show their relatable, usually charming and kind of vulnerable, and my guest Tony shalhoub can do that too. He's a veteran of both the big and small screens. He's had unforgettable parts of movies like Barton Fink then in black quick change. He starred in movies like big night TV shows like wings. And of course, the hit detective series muck these days, he's a regular on the Amazon show. The marvelous MRs Mazel, it's a drama set in the late nineteen fifties. Rachel Brosnahan plays the title character midge Mazel when the series starts out midge is a housewife living in Manhattan who puts her. Old life behind her to take up stand up comedy. She splits with her husband takes her kids and moves back in with their parents. And in fits and starts her stand up career takes off my guest, Tony shalhoub plays a voice, man. Midges dad role. That's gotten Tony a handful of awards, including an EMMY nomination the show's second season just launched in it midge is still living with her family. Her mother rose has moved out of the apartment. She fled to Paris. And it I it hasn't really sunk in for Abe after all rose has a big party coming up back home. But in this scene, we're about to hear it finally dawns on him. Are you kidding me? Mama moved to parents what? Ridiculous. You hear? What you just said. What you just told me mama told you she was moving to parrot. I never said that. I don't feel like I have a life peer everyone in everything that I have ever counted on has let me down, and you said, okay. No. I should lamb was. Okay. And it was brief honestly couple who don't listen, not true. You don't listen to anyone not true? I don't feel like I have a lifestyle beating that. Sometimes I tune people out, but mostly because they rarely have anything useful or interesting to say Ansel what have crossed and drawers and her perfume is gone. Wishes things where they go and guessing Paris. What was she going to wear to the party tonight? You notice this you sleep right there live here too. You didn't notice either her husband or her closet way more than I am. Tony shalhoub. Welcome to bullseye. It's great to have you on the show. Thank you. Nice to be. I saw you wince at your character saying he doesn't listen to other people mostly because they don't have anything interesting to say. Sounds a little Larry Ghent, I suppose. I mean, one of the funny things about your character on this show is I think the show is not about your character. Your characters a secondary character Osho characterised show. Right. And in a lot of shows like this, especially funny ones, which shows very funny. It would be fine to let the protagonist have the journey, right? Like the protagonist gets to go on a journey. Everybody else has a funny thing about them that the audience recognized we support that protagonists, you know, archives. Oppose in your character is changed a lot in two seasons of the show. Yeah. It's a very it's rare for for series for a character in series television. Really? Because as you say normally, you're you know, you get hired. And then you're kind of you're somewhat limited to what you're being called on to to do. And we'll what purpose you serve in for actors that can be frustrating at times because you you're the guy that does this or you're the sort of stupid guy, or you're the, you know, the Larry or whatever it is. And you get kind of confined or constrained into playing two colors three if you're very lucky, and I been fortunate in in this case in particular that, you know, they're they're just. My character happens to be in a inflation his life where he's in is in transition like the, and I think it's because of of the transition that midges in my daughter is going through all her changes are impacting all of the people around her in..

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