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Denver news to four oh three Denver's there's plenty of snow in the mountains Lauren Drake is is Steve bell we're conditions are great have a great storm system earlier this month and that a lot of the open ninety percent of our terrain you basically have a handful of trails that still need to open we're just waiting for another boost of storms there is a storm moving into the mountains with two to five inches of snow expected by Christmas morning after four weeks of freezing construction the ice castles and Dylan will open Saturday tickets go on sale Thursday in Colorado springs NORAD is tracking Santa Katie Spencer tells us how they do it infrared heat signature that Rudolph nose gets off because it's so bright and it produces a lot of heat we used that and our satellite have a geosynchronous orbit that can pick up and pinpoint where Rudolph and you can watch a center at NORAD Santa dot org nuggets coach Mike Malone getting a nice Christmas present a two year extension of his contract terms and other details were not disclosed that's the latest I'm Susan which gives now impact traffic for your dinner drawn looking pretty good on Christmas Eve alone unless you're on the north side of town first of all we do have some pretty heavy travel north on I twenty five between I seventy six up to eighty fourth Avenue Sloan go as well downtown are you twenty five between one hundred and four down to eighty fourth Avenue up north also a little bit slow as you approach a meat on our twenty five here in town we have a crash is found on smoky hill road easy for seventy Denver weather mostly cloudy hi this afternoon near fifty five degrees an overnight low near freezing right now it is fifty one with your impact traffic and weather I'm bill Jones six thirty K. how an excerpt from the Tom Martino show what if you have bills and your pain and suffering in other cases like this Hey out fifty thousand dollars you wouldn't know that what.

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