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It's taken this long for professor power to actually get into one of the books of the targets of his ire. I really feel like he should be a villain with more alliteration associated with him like i don't know <hes> professor power in his paranoid pyro kinetic parrots penguins penguins parrots choosing arabian. Guess penguins and that's probably better yeah. I don't know maybe professor powers more interesting in other books. He's totally not here but that's fine anyway. The good guys are about to take him out with the help of polaris who was shadowing behind because she hadn't yet left to go find alex paranoid parenting with polaris in professor power nice perfect in fact but unfortunately chuck rose the nice guy who we alluded to being actually a villain yeah he holds a gun to agent daniels as head and says let professor power go or i'm gonna shoot this lady. Une cool x-factor tries to decide what to do. Agent daniels is saying no. I don't care if i live or die. You can't let this guy get away and so when invariably professor power does get away. Daniels hates mutants even more because she's terrible terrible so why was professor power here well the other half of this annual story will tell us all about that at so. Let's go to a story about professor xavier and <hes> haven and professor power no no not really him so this bit is really interesting because it's all from the perspective of haven all of the captions are her flowery font with a pink background that we've seen in her previous <unk> story and it's all that flowery verbiage all of that soft polite considerate intelligent analytical dialogue that we've always gotten from her her. I really like this font by the way this is a really good way to do handwritten captions. It's extremely legible it clicks with the doesn't look either overly a handwriting or <hes> overly fond to fight and again and importantly it's very very very legible but also easily distinguishable from standard captions yeah it works really well and using this font haven psychically with her ambiguous powers watches professor xavier who's having a sleepless sleepless night as he reads up on haven executors very disturbed about what happened with haven not just jamie madrick says death but her whole deal about you know trying to end the world for the sake of if the common good yeah that's a problem and so as xavier psychically probes the world to try to find havens mind. She pulls him into the misty and candlelit shores of oblivion..

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