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The share of the hotel. Fuck did you get that? You had that you and I go. Yes. He goes. I do the percent. Oh, the had that is so painful, and then he you know, he would always talk about that. That's the most paid I've ever been in how long how you had to be talking about pay bills. Is that why he we read that? He that's why he raped devante because she told him to get that. And then he got so pissed then he'd beat her up. Anyway, he was not of his bide his as I was out of my mind. I'm sure that's why he he he. Why? They get a boat or on eight bills. Are you kidding me? You loopy something about drugs that they get boating like onto any drug. I could that's it. It's all those sex like that. Yeah, you're not. It's like, I'm doing drugs. Now, China's a maybe all the rage and rape and all that shit had controlling women. And so I was like, oh, my God this guy who's going to be though, he can't be you racist. And also he's incompetent like everybody that worked with him on the apprentice, they asked me Mark Burnett with SPF do the apprentice, he would say, and I think what I get the irregular prejudice. Like, you can work for the. Yeah. That's the thing. But bit celebrity apprentice like you gotta be so fucked to do that show. What's the end game? Yeah. The excellence our third way inter showing everywhere because they would say it's seventy five thousand dollars for everybody favorite Asia's the call. Thank you. We pay you foot top because you were going to be two hundred fifty four thousand because we'll have you write a script for ABC. It was always a special deal at you considered. I'd say say they showed guy for a New York do yorker who just these great piece, Patrick Keith read it it's about bark. Is that yorker, it's a very he's an investigative reporter very well. You really understand who barked with Eddie is. Because Mark Burnett is not only Trump's best friend. He created Donald Trump through the apprentice at Dow he still he still is covering up for him. Like, he's just fake religious. You think I'm course slightly obsessive Markman it because he's religious and space really bankers. He is he's like that that tell the bits to Ripley whoever is around. He becomes a he has no soul. He dow. His Selva blur abo- said what's his wife? Stay touch my angel downing. I believe. I never heard a bad word about robot dowdy. But if you see if you read this piece is scary who barcode is comes. The Mike Pence. Oh, she is. But but but Mark Bryant came to this country as Trump would say as a legal alien, he forged his papers. He say to log he worked under the table. He he actually here's the truth, Barbara it was on his way because he was UK a special forces guy he was on his way to Central America to kill people in central Africa. He added assignment at the military. So like a bursary and he stopped at the border and said to his Bob this dangerous. He became a Manny in Alabama. Any I've been a man I do. And then he's worked under the table. So bark Burnett is Donald Trump still his what best buddies he should be set back to the UK, according to Gialle Trump bad line because he faked his papers he worked under the table. He became he's worth six hundred billion dollars..

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