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I I am going to wish them. Well, now, it's different. If they come in and say. Could you give me some council? Do you think I should do this? Then that's another story. I might I might be a little more animated. But. If somebody says, they're leaving what good does you think you think screaming at the guy was going to convince him to stay? Big daddy is up next. As big daddy. Got. I'll just I'll tell you. I've always been to- of food sometime he gets had set back and let them make a pool of their sale. Yeah. That's the way you've done since Alabama game. He made a big fool yourself trying to get ratings for mouth, and by even and that idiot. That's the heating air conditioning may from down there below the cow college. He's in the same category to hold on. Let me ask you with two have a time clock on somebody gets chewed out. He's just trying to be significant when every says out about saving, he's always taking credit whenever they lose. He doesn't didn't own anybody else. He says, you know, I take credit for. We are. We can talk to you gonna lecture me. You still there? Yeah. I'm here. What did you? What have I said that you find so objectionable justified every time you open your mouth. Okay. Well, that's a smart answer. That is a smart answer dent. You don't have to be an end to listen you loan to see that. You know, you don't have to be nonstop. No. You don't. I'm not an honest nonstop wasting. My time listening to you your two face no count big mouth. Jet it big daddy. I guess it is. So what did he say? Again. I'm. A no count to faced big mouth. For all of that your honor, I plead guilty. You listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. Jim is up next. It's just to me might not you might think. It's funny because it's interesting. You know, I've been mad at you. You know that very night keep what you allow going on. I'm not gonna get into all that. But she was interesting as I would about the guy what he's grid, Nick. I'm to the guy's a redneck. He was out of line. I say that plainly, but he right that you you little bit because he don't like, saving, you know, that goes Taran. So choose you out, and you you know, you handle it sleep when she goes. I bet you love is five getting shoot at. I says, you know this. I said, you know, they don't really get get a kick out of that. Because you know, he's he's. Words I've taken a newly because I said trying to be Jill like it. I like what you like what I hear from Jim. Maybe we can meet at the at the OK corral and have a beer. You know, I don't know, you know, that'd be something. Jim considering some of the things that are happening in the world. You got did you get g? Kim together. We'll why can't we get together? You got that? Right. Follow. You really do you with me on this the outrageous seriousness of things that are happening in this world? I mean, it's unbelievable. It really is. And I know, you know, what you smart enough to know that I mean, you see that you don't talk about it. You can't. But I can do you. Will you will know on Twitter? You see it? I know you see it. And sure I'm not nailed the truth. And I don't care what nobody says, I know the truth and nailed the truth, and I've told the truth and people don't like it. He did not ever like the truth. Jim I'll tell you what when I got show you, and I both talked about that we talked about, you know, when you were talking about what you learn about your your buddies, whether the names Woodward in Bernstein. Oh, yeah. And things that went on they they uncover those lives. And and that's you know, I don't know what's going to happen with this. I don't think this new guy bars any good. I really don't. Well, he watches hearing today, and he just looks like route back to the future. That's exactly he's a typical of elitist globalist or whatever just covering for his first buddies..

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