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So I mean, we're kind of going like we gotta prove every enrolling proves someone, everyone that we have special town in here. And that's one thing that we kinda talked about. The start was much proven wrong and kind of show them that we are a good team. The last year was behind us and they were moving forward. So just like an attitude change, I think two years ago ever and you know, it's easy, get on each other's case and kind of just have that losing feeling to the locker rooms. We wanted to have a fresh start. We knew that we had a lot of new faces, and I think the older guys tried to take it upon themselves to try to make. That we're having a good good mindset and every mindset from the start of the year, and it seemed like things started to go well, and I think as your went on, we just confidence as a as a team. Yeah, you'd see on going back to the start your career you played in Colona. Were you drafted by the islanders? Yeah, it was drafted by the islanders, and that's where I got my start. I think I was there for five or six years and then started bouncing around a little bit. I heard this from someone else you before you'd sign with Pittsburgh, you're contemplating potentially going to Europe that year and then one year in pit. And I mean, man, you've pretty much rejuvenated your career. You've made a substantial amount of money after leaving Pittsburgh. Yeah, I went through a little bit of a rough patch there. I got put on waivers with the islanders, and then I was year in Calgary and year in Columbus, and there wasn't a whole lot on the table that summer, so I was still young. Those kind of considering my options, and we ended up playing Pittsburgh that year in the playoffs. We lost the first round and they gave me an offer. I went there one year had a pretty good preseason. A good start. I was lucky enough to play on Malkin's line for the year. And like you said, rejuvenated my career little bit and you know, definitely helped the path to be able to stay in the league a little longer being around that type. And then out of that you end up getting a three year deal in Colorado? Yeah. The new year in Colorado played my last year this past season in the summer, I send another three hundred dollars. So. Might not have been the prettiest career so far, but been able to grind my way. They'll be my my twelfth year. So man, you played seven hundred twenty game. Yeah, that's I mean, and you got a three year deal. There's a strong chance you could potentially get two thousand. Yeah, which I would have never guessed where I was that summer before Pittsburgh. So yeah, feels good to be wearing. It is far as off ice habits. You seem like you're in pretty good shape because that we've always done a lot of road bike. And I've got into the last couple of years, which I love. I can't stand just being on a stationary bike in and I've had the same trainer for the last ten years. I trained with shea Weber and Josh Georgia's in a group. So we all kind of push each other. You know, as I've gotten older, you kinda realise he gotta take care of your body all such a young league now. So all these young guys got power skating coaches, skill coaches, and everything. What's Tyson guy. This has been good on blood. Coach. No, I'm kenan's weapon in shape this summer. He's got me on the Andy O'Brien program, and I work with the show brothers here in Colona, so. Okay, there's probably a lot of listeners who don't know who Andy O'Brien is, but he's one of the revolutionary hockey trainers. I would put him in that Matt Nickell category. What are the different types of things that he does it that they didn't do in conventional hockey training?.

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