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Me is an israeli nothing i mean unless you you realize that you missed on dennis alan in the end and donovan mitchell that that would be the only regret you have if you're the knicks but besides that i mean what did you give away gave way make buckets was who came over in a trade mud point here is though you didn't give turn this meant you didn't get what's eating get down in donovan mitchell but what about how you're going to divide this up now between new mckeena and mutia we'll get because you're still appoint trey burke a decent amount i'm assuming new keno his is dealing with the quad issue anyway so that's not a sop that you have to address too early any way and listen you you go back i could go back to hornacek when he's in phoenix and he always had three three guys on their own accord at the same time so they can push the pace now doesn't matter who coming out of here the rebound goes out anybody can start the fast break secondary breaking good stuff on a lot of games out unless budget which gave them experience but also at this point for the next it's not about winning games in oakland guess is out for the year that's the it's about developing guys and you're taking us what is no risk on someone is potentially as as a really high ceiling what happens is the odd man out here really is jared jack i mean i doubt he's going to play a lot on removing full search answers bought out he's pretty may be but i mean and it depends what the next to you in the next thirty three minutes dennis of rockville centre what's up dennis are you could kickstart guy career coming in from denver and i hear that and that's all sounds great when was the last time anybody canften next and high dick rippe six north after a tank but but nobody nobody come connection and gets better that's the next hour now allan houston maybe i mean they paid him a ton and he he was it was good and detroit but you know it's all with a kickstarted are there aren't many guys that that happened with what we want a guy kicked out of out of detroit's grant hill came here neito he he was good for a little while but who went whoever they brought in expecting to do that over.

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