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Hold on to their traditions and values over time most people came most people Bakul well it always happens on the basis the times they are a Changin there is evolution going on under Russian gotta stay current well not for everybody organizations that have not capitulated on their principles because of political correctness or because it would be just easier to go with the flow those are harder and harder to find Hillsdale college's one of them they're one of these entities that believe so much in their own principles that they have not diluted them they've not compromised them for more than a hundred seventy years Hillsdale has taught students the value is of the constitution the nature of the uniqueness of American freedom they continually reinforce how important a well rounded education is preserving that country now whether you're an undergraduate attending class on campus or whether you're just interested in a regional learning the language and meaning of the constitution Hillsdale college wants you to be informed and empowered and they love teaching and I know that they can't have room for everybody on campus so you know what they do they make the things that are fundamentally important of them available free actual online courses made available free in the form of online lectures that are anywhere from thirty to forty minutes ten lectures in some cases per course and they're on demand you watch them when you have time you know test there's no note taking unless you want to it's just Hillsdale college doing what they do they teach people they love it they love people learning the things they believe they so profoundly believe in the greatness of America they want everybody to share it so they will give away elements of their curriculum to people who are no longer college age who want to re learn or maybe learn for the first time the truth about what all was involved in creating and founding this country and structuring it and putting it together and in a sense that's what a university is meant to be there isn't a propagandize thing there's no indoctrination there's no requirement that you believe what they teach you but they want to have access to you and I figured the best way to do it is to make what they do available free go to the website rush for Hillsdale dot com and when you go there you'll be able to stay up to speed with what all they're doing Hillsdale but you'll also be able to register for the online courses which again our on demand you watch the meter on your device on your laptop or desktop computer whenever you have time rush for Hillsdale dot com brief right here at the top but I'm sorry bottom of the hour back to your phones and.

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