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You know their music means guys time to go trip him through his time for this day in history september 22nd is that what see seventy six an hale was hanged i heard he was home by the british as a spy during the revolutionary war us a hamilton lewis and his son it through that loaded congress in seventeen 89 authorized the office of postmastergeneral we still leaves later today we do seventeen ninety two of the french republic was proclaimed that also comes of during hamilton fyi sexually hickam pretty awesome history less sure eighteen 62 president abraham lincoln yes that's you what is it september twenty circuit rights here's what i did on that day i declared trains league dole and was finally legal to have a tree maybe but you also issued the preliminary emancipation proclamation lulu all it's called the pre man's impeach the premix your elect's working some kinks out proposing to free the slaves of rebel states as of jan one eighteen 63 oh soon lisa reading yesterday and i discovered that you weren't necessarily anti slavery in the says that you felt that the south needed to keep slaves to further agriculture but you did not want slaves as the country expanded westward you did not want those states to be exact one of them to be free states and then there was had some other guys at force forster handling in a totally mental patient although i think you morally you was is the plo's autonomy was not really when i read of route differently but yeah it's hard to know what's the truth really you couldn't just let me keep going i don't want on visit your arguing about i think i believe that he thought it was a necessary evil can we agree on only into his tomato strict seek history snowflake history so definitive link links who says disputed that you just say clearly no let's just say i'm right okay okay good he was forced into doing it okay here can be able to you.

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