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I woke up at an air attack my husband and i won't be watching it prattling on halloween night of that's fun i it's a i looked it up while you're talking here it so i guess it was a cartoon network a movie in animated movie a ray bradbury leonard new moi any barker among those those doing voices in this movie four children learn the origins of halloween customs while trying to save the life of their friend yet and it it really i truly add 70 my had seventy one aaron can bike i pay a little bit pumping for everyone in it it beautiful i don't i appreciate their kathy thank you i never heard of that didn't apply now why all i ask a cloudy can i don't know where it is kitten come in on your culminating law laid their we know that you now you know i hear you all the time i don't know why did what you know in their point that i feel truly should have been public a lot more oriented brought back on tv yeah yy'all you've definitely you definitely putting it on my reiter thank you for the call truck hi you're on wgn hey thanks for having me i love the show thank you so a couple more be suggestions for her younger kids tim burton's franken we all year free can we leave right i forgot about that one yet dopp animated it's black and white but if you don't tell him that an advance you know they will right visually and crush it yeah but another one in that sort of vein is pera norman although it might be a little bit older kids but it's it's in a simple again visually stunning yeah i remember uh seeing pera norman in recommending it for four in a family family view for kids of all ages because it was one of my on my daughter mirabella's first horror movie so we that once it quotes an art was like four or five years ago i think right something like that accurate aaron orient two two quick one here on it could go all the way back were silent film industry offers two great or movements that are you know no exploitation low on ghwar know y terrible but dairy creepy and i.

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