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Trump's rallying in Tennessee tonight. This is really one of the most important election said we will ever have the privilege of voting in and for this is a big one ABC's tariff home Mary on the campaign trail, saying the migrants present an imminent threat because you look at what's marching up. That's an invasion. That's not that's an invasion. The Trump friendly state of Georgia voter immigration is their top issue wall. We need. But in today's ABC news poll, it comes at the economy and healthcare some questioning why isn't talking more about the thriving economy by poll, showing Democrats likely to take the house and Republicans maintained Senate control. We're learning more about the victims and the gunman in Friday night's deadly attack on a Tallahassee yoga studio. Six people were shot in two women were killed in the attack. Dr Nancy van vessel was a faculty member. In more Brinkley was a student had reportedly earned an academic scholarship to FSU and was interested in joining teach for America police are still trying to figure out a motive the shooter forty year old Scott bueller was a military vet who worked for a short time as a high school teacher barely who took his own life was twice charged in the past with battery after allegedly groping women ABC's Zachary quiche, a Florida teenager, charged with first degree murder in the strangulation death of his mother, Volusia county sheriff's office says the fifteen year old killed gale your. After an argument over school grades sheriff's deputy Serjeant AJ berry says he questioned the teenager for hours before he admitted to killing his mother very proud of.

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