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You are listening to the twenty minute vc with me harry stubbings you can find me on instagram at age stabbings nineteen ninetysix with bees for all things behind the scenes which is mostly health and nutrition right now but it would be great see that not to the show today and as you know i love speaking vc's but there's a crucial element of our business that i think simply not covered enough and that's corporate development and manet and so i'm thrilled to be joined by leader in the space in the form of james lofton corporate development leader square when he's made multiple acquisitions and investments including the likes of order ahead an investing in event bright practice squad james who's responsible for strategy business development and operations sti digital before that james was a partner at andreessen horace where he led strategic coverage for the foams forty five plus consumer facing portfolio and vising them on everything from capsule raising two partnerships to amway and then before andreessen james was vp head of corp debit your who i'm prior to that was in the eighteen google i do want to give a big hand to mass where it's sweet the insurance james today with our says absolutely would not have been possible we really do appreciate that but before we dive into the showed state what all we without a great night's sleep and that's why lisa comes in lisa is the we'll be park or tom shoes of the mattress industry they've done away with the terrible monitor showroom buying experience by creating this luxury premium foam mattresses order completely online and shit for free to your doorstep the ten inch mattress comes in all sizes and is engineer with three unique phone leads for universal adaptive feel including two inches of memory foam and two inches of really cool latex foam cooled avena designed to keep you cool all lisa mashes or one hundred percent us or uk made and for every ten match is they sell they donate one to a shelter so go to lisa dot com fuel perfect night's sleep and if you're like me and lose sleep worrying about the quality of conference calls and communicating remotely then checkout zoom the fosters growing video and web conferencing service providing one consistent enterprise experience that allows you to engage in an array of activities including video meetings and webinars collaboration.

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