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One on one I honestly I don't talk about I don't talk you need you have to you have to hide on talk like that. We talk very basic, we talk about the strategy and we talk about sticking to the program because there's no, there's no road map to knocking this kid out. At least not yet. You know, there's nothing there's nothing to say. Okay, listen, you do this. I know you definitely can knock them out. So the goal is the goal is the win every round. Yeah, I agree with you. Round one, let's start let's start winning the rounds first and let him start going for him knockout. So we could put the pressure on him. That's reversing it. As we reverse, put the pressure on him, let him say, you know, let his corner see that that's the whole thing. When you got such a good fighter like him, if you were able to disrupt the corner, then you could get it in the fighter's head and force him to do something that he was initially ready to do at that point. And that's how you were able to get other things happening that you may want. I mean, I want to control what you can control, you can not control the judges. I wish we could, but you can't. So control. And to be clear, I disagree with the whole judging thing, but I just think that that's like an inevitability that almost has to be addressed, but from your perspective. You're right. But from his perspective from the trainer's perspective, his job is not to worry about that, not to touch on that. Just to get his fight of mentally and physically and technically, ready to do what he has to do to have the best chance to beat Canelo. Well, I know you got the right strength coach over there and Chris camacho. He's a good man. Now he is, and you got the right PR man over there, mister Jonathan. With Fred sternberg, where is he? Does he allow himself? Oh, he's working. We are always working. The best p.m. man in the business. Mister Fred sternberg. All right, Fred, did I say everything you asked me to? No, pay me later. Yeah, you know what? With all kidding aside Jonathan, you have nothing but good people in that camp. Fred and Chris and obviously golovkin and yourself Yahoo good people. I just wish nothing but good things for good people. I've always felt that way. And I'll continue to feel that until I'm not on this earth anymore. So unless Ken has anything else to say I will thank you for the people that are going to watch an interview Watson enjoy this interview. I will thank you from us for taking the time out of camp to talk to us and as I said to other great fighters like golovkin and others not only thanks for what you're doing or ring, but thanks for the way that you conduct yourself outside the ring. And thank you for the way you conduct yourself as a man. Outside of the ring. It means a lot to me, thank you. Thank you, Jonathan, appreciate your time and best of luck. And I would love to speak to you after you get the win in this next fight. Thank you, looking forward to it. Best of luck, best of luck. Thank you. Thank you guys. Appreciate the time. I want you so easy to stand up to the song hold up the middle of the gun

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