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Hi, Matthew, what's up? Well, I have. I may call you Matt, may. I sure. Sure. I haven't interesting confluence of autumn things out of motive in marital relations. Not good. Well, what happened was I guess about late June. My brother and sister in law were visiting and we were driving someplace in and my sister-in-law pointed a spot underneath my car, the per spots under his Mike car, which is a an accord. My wife has a horizon so I check the spot underneath and I my finger and it feel it and it doesn't feel like you know water off the condenser, the air conditioner. So I smell it and I can't smell. All right. Well, I touch my fingers to my tonnon go. This is radiator. Fluid and well, both my sister-in-law, my and my wife recoil in horror. Exactly. So what now we fast forward, you'll be dead in an hour, something like that apparent that you moron. Yeah, yeah, I've got that. Look, a lot of those antifreeze swilling yoyo. Exactly. And and well, it brought up the question is, is there anything that I mean, I know any freezing motor oil and lots of things in the car are toxic when ingested in significant quantities user, anything that's actually talk in the quantity where thing to it, will it just do you in just like that? Yeah. And so my mother's cooking is around somewhere. Yeah, I suppose battery acid might be the exception to that. Battery acid, you wouldn't kid you, but you wouldn't want that to be touching your tongue even for that little amount in that little bit of time, this is this is this is true. The amount of antifreeze you ingest it from sampling that little spot snuff is hardly enough to kill you. I think if he did it every day you might build up an immunity Nashua. Nashua. Yeah. I mean, I don't think there's anything else we got brake fluids. Not too great Florida's now. Good oil is gonna kill you? Yes. Elino the fumes from gasoline, just enough to kill you, but not the amount that was fit on the tip of your finger. Yeah. Well, I think I think you should do all week of anti freeze a week of gas, see when you get the sickest, but. Does your wife to lighten up? Okay. You probably by a bus next week, don't worry about drinking lately. Women are afraid of lots of things, mostly men and justifiably, but you're right. I think there are lots of women. I shouldn't make these blanket Joe. Joe, but go right. Don't let me is. Shape or form trying to get divorced again. Go ahead. I found that there are many women who are afraid of lots of things that men aren't afraid of, or at least don't admit to being afraid of men have to show that they're rough. It's just a little anti for little battery acid in my Hon. Won't hurt me. I think it's a part of being a guy. I think we do it just to show that with big and strong. Oh, you think it's a demonstration of my Cheesman. Of course, it. I think it's more stupidity. That's what they would have believed. Right. Don't drink the stuff man. See you later. Hey, it's time for us to take a little break. Oh yes. This is to give stations a little time to identify themselves and all this is to give the janitors time to clean the car, talk graffiti of the stations front. Stay tuned. We'll be back in just a moment drive a big. My baby, she loved to ride. The drought. Ten on a road pop. Ruled from sad. And even though assistant produces the news division, get the.

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