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They're rare ref ilter plus a catholic membrane in there that the tiny molecules it here too and then they have a light in it which is really cool because you can see us a blue light coming of it that oxidized as them and make them disappear if you've got asthma allergies symptoms of any kind you're going to be able to breathe through your nose for the first time in years i'm telling you funded by the epa initially uh thirdparty tested university south florida's center for biological defense university minnesota's particle calibration laboratory the guys who invented this are geniuses and i love it because it ties to your phone is completely controlled by your smartphone m o l e e k u l e e it's also beautiful really gorgeous designs as have a handle on so it's easy to move around and one of the cool things about the molecule app it's monitoring your molecule it knows when you need new filters and will automatically and you filters when you need them here what look this is my molecule i'm connecting the my device you can connect over the internet so even than the molecules at home you can turn it off you could silence that you can boosted you could see here that my pre filter as seventy eight percent depleted my nanno filter that's the one that gets the tiny bought molecules ninetythree percent they will automatically send me a new filter when it's done now there's a little problem with the phone and the ad astra should tell you ahead of time that the app we'll see five gigahertz wi fi but it but the molecule can't use it so it will pair to the fi and then it won't you we grapple talk you could still control the molecule from the top of it it everything can do so might my suggestion is parrot to eur two point four gigahertz network not your five gigahertz network once i figured that out and i did it worked fine you'll see a lot of reviews of the app in the app store saying that so don't that people were having problems that's what that was you got a pair to two point four.

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