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Away from this horrible story and portland a two teenage girls are minding their own business or riding the train one of them wearing he job which is not a crime which is a choice in the united states of america and should continue to be a choice for god's sake and this craze neo nazi comes up and starts threatening them and then gets into an argument with three men who are trying to defend the girls and stabs them to death it's a hideous crime and a people are right to to stand up for the families of the victims here by the way they're crown funding efforts some of them by muslim american groups good for them to help the families of the victims and to help the one victim was still in the hospital came within less than an inch of having is jugular vein pierce by this stabbing monster who was apprehended by police and is going to be arraigned this afternoon a couple of hours from now those travelling efforts have already raised more than a million dollars and that's a good thing it seems to me and there will be much more on the way because basically this country is good but you never see that goodness as clearly as when people rally in defence of what is righteous and decent and against what is criminal and disgusting let's go to your calls to donald in columbus ohio donald you're on the medved show great mark markor sure yeah i did waterbury a really good the killer and portland and people who think and act like you i think they can get away with go like it because uh in america jerod mayo or in action uh who kill we're trying to agree on saturday jim crow whatever no penalty to any white pertinent every day agreed or or or where he did it what i'm sorry what what are you talking about uh there's been no penalty i mean even even when it's police officers for goodness sake uh there are people who get convicted and have their lives turned upside down you you may remember that after the riots and after all of that the rodney king officers went to prison ryan a and and in in in that particular case and certainly people and by the way.

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