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He goes on. Yeah, right. He was at the premiere Smackdown and that was so many numbers. Now, you could say part of that, Ciroc, when it's also because it was the premiere of SmackDown on Thursday, Fox was going to do very well, but then the next week, the ratings were down a million, right? Yeah. Yeah. It was, it went from, it was 3.9 to 2.9. Wow, I'm really getting lower ever since. Oh my God. Yeah, crazy. Joey Montes. I'm going to read this exactly how we wrote it now. Why the fuck is Bill? Old is Goldberg back. He's the reason I sometimes hate WWE, he sinks and I don't like him weiner. I either I understand what you're trying to say they're jelly. Yeah, aside box, push Barbary, John Cena's return at money in the bank, 20-21 Roderick, strong skill, turn that takeover, New Orleans and Triple H's pedigree to Seth and helps, Kevin Owens win the universal title, obviously pushed Kevin, Owens winning the universal title. The other two were closed cuz that's a great heel turn but it's John Cena over Roderick strong, that stuff. That healed term was great though I would say the heel turn. I mean, it's just oh some things happening, right? Right on the show. They haven't seen. He'll turn was incredible, if you're a fan. Yeah, yeah. Agreed. Jason Klever update, number 24, getting right around Golden Era of w, e in ninety-eight and enjoying it all. And WCW is getting comically bad still really find annoying that peacocks sorts everything by Seasons instead of years. It's not game. Thrones Yeah. Yeah question of the we wanted to be. Yeah. Who do you feel? Is the most underappreciated WWE? Wrestler of all time certainly gotten this before? Kevin Owens. Yeah I'm just gonna tightly can't say of all time to be like a Damien Sandow or like a you know someone who's just completely been. Well, we kind of did a bracket for that Roddy Piper you know. Bess she has learned to never win the big one. Yeah. But Jack was on every Feud like you know what I mean? I don't, I wouldn't say he was underappreciated. Yeah, yeah it's a that's an interesting one for sure. Justin Stewart. If you were to make your ideal woman using body parts from WWE female wrestlers, whose face body ass and I'm sure I'm feeling down two times, I would say, Keibler's legs Keepers flash. He means I would say Keepers what I think it means now but yeah. Yeah Alexis face, maybe maybe Mandy's face no. Just hotter she's hotter than our faces. You know, her face is hard to get Alexis. Come on now. Walk out of here. Wow, rocu social life. Now, that's Nikki ass is now that Nikki Ash is the raw Women's Champion. Are they going to bring back? Molly Holly to be her Sensei? Well, no she won. She doesn't need her off. True always says, Molly. Holly could speak for Nikki because half the time sounds like she has a mouth full of marbles or Eric's nuts in her mouth. Oh Eric Eric. Sorry, not really choice. You ever comment that you liked her or something. Or I don't know didn't like her okay. Wow. Very interesting way to go. Good for you Jake. I'm Raaz yeah, it's just nuts. I'm wrong. Ali, would you guys ever consider coming over to the UK for raw or Smackdown? Show a couple of pints at the pub before and after with your UK contingent no ducks allowed? I mean, we have a big fan base there, but that's a pretty big, are your Ducks. That's what we need to. Yeah, I mean, if, if they're like Joe size Ducks, I don't know, I don't know for a raw or Smackdown, but if like, they do like a big pay-per-view show there, although that's it's hard to do that because yeah, right. And you get a Time different. You could do it during the day. Yeah. Right. Right. I mean, like if they did like, you know, I mean they could SummerSlam down there in. What ninety long time ago, you don't like that. I mean if they did like a Summer Slam or WrestleMania and, you know, yeah deal on the flight then it'd be possible, Right? Alex reduce comb over under six weeks. Nikki is or Nicki's Title reign. That's like, well, she hold it past Summer Slam, right? I mean the same know. Yeah. I'm also going to say that chance. Yeah. Brian Pepe, just what I thought I was out. You pulled me back in. I stopped watching wrestling for about eight years other than Rumble and Mania. Then I found your pod and now I'm back watching them. It programmed again because of you. So go fuc yourself what? Thanks for keeping it all tolerable, get them viewers. Now, like, a little skits. Oh my God, we have to do everything. WWE. Seriously, where's our Monday? Yeah. Lord chulu how and why did fucking old bird? Get a pop from the crowd? Unless it was fake. Cheers. I can't believe they were going to go through this shit. Yeah, we talked about it off. Carlos Ramirez. Can you believe we live in a world where we do want Cena and Lesnar on T. Also, I was hoping for Lesnar to be behind Goldbergs pyro as a swerve, that would have been fucking great. That would have been hilarious, but no chance. I don't want to, I don't want Lesnar to come back if he's going to hold the title and never be there. Pass on that widened, saves, get a hold the title. Yeah. I'm I'm not saying what you said? I'm saying they're saying is it because we want to, I like Cena so I like when he's back and he usually stays for a few weeks, but I do not want to see a Lesnar return ever. If he's just going to win a title in one night and then disappears or three months, we don't want to see that. Yeah, ever same for Goldberg right? Helen Kimmet push, Fireberry page gets tagged teamed One Night in China. Sunny Side Up. Good Lord, man. I mean, two of them were not good during that during their videos, he could cash in on Goldberg. If he beats Lashley, the fans would pop huge. Oh my God, he would be the against over guy ever. No chance. That happens, you know, you think? Yeah, I don't think that would happen. Mark, Carver. They should call her Niki ass instead because that's all she has going. For her asked, was set by our fan Jalen. Yeah, Jake Jason, Durham is the reason for dinners hold bikes storyline. Oh, if the reason for gender is old bike storyline was to sell toys on. We shop, do you have a bad feeling all of Drew stories down? For a new children's book or enemy. Yeah. Cuz they sold like, it's like a Drew McIntyre on a motorcycle toy. Yeah. Yeah. He stole my old motorcycle. No. Boy. Crystal meth's is Cena Goldberg Edge soon-to-be. Lesnar 2001 is going to be a great year for wrestling and he boccone. Why is needing help to beat a skinny fifty-year-old man? The reason behind that the world should acknowledge Roman Reigns just cuz he's a he'll and he'll say stupid things. Yeah. So yeah. Like acknowledgement that's what he'll do. They say they're the best when they treat every match. Yeah, they need to not a question. Just made the mistake of watching NXT episodes during the Samoa Joe Nakamura, Andrew Darrah, how did they call them all? And that's the answer, right Thursday? Yeah, man. Yeah, man. Gave them a lethal dose. Only show a lead. Come get vaccinated is before covered about what ya poison right in him from being a top star birth. Your career. Yeah. Jake Baker push, Fireberry, cashion's Nikki. Ash Alexa Bliss and Bailey. Push Alexa hers was great cuz she interrupted off once I've done. Yeah they thought oh this is going to be run as a moment but she fucked over Rhonda and right Naya I would say Bailey seconds and fire Nikki. Yeah sure. Obviously thought God Son does old bird win and Biggie cashier know they got another one right? Probably not seems to be what everyone wants to perfect. I'd rather Lashley retain in the big. You just cash. Actually, I don't even want Goldberg to get a win again. Nathan Bain. I met y'all had money in the bank and y'all are super nice. And yes, my name is real. Y'all asked if it was real well like Bayne last name. Of course,.

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