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Four five five a lot of people don't want me talking about some of this stuff that I'm talking about and I'm talking about the big insurance companies the big pharmaceutical companies and the big food company but nothing is gonna stop me but I can't do it alone so I can see on the site right now that we have someone from Cranston Rhode Island someone from north Grafton Massachusetts from new Kensington Pennsylvania and we have someone from Warwick Rhode Island and I'm going to go on and on here for just a little bit guys because we have a lot of people signing on to the site we have someone from maple Bill rode island we have some from Providence Rhode Island from new Bedford mass from Brookline mass from new in Vail NASA and even know where that is Warwick Rhode Island Warwick Rhode Island potok it Providence and a Lincoln Rhode Island fall river mass fall river mass Wakefield Rhode Island Hawaii kai he Hawaii and soon India so again go over to the side harmony with food dot com you can also go to the site if you don't want to call in and tap and put in your question on the chat bot that's in the right hand corner of the city of the child the bottom right hand corner you can go ahead and chat with me on there you can also email me at harmony with food at G. mail dot com again harmony with food just remember H. 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F. harmony with food at G. mail dot com and we are taking your calls at eight six six nine two zero nine four five five so let's start the conversation rolling we are talking about mycotoxins mycotoxins are structurally diverse group of compounds produced mainly by fun guy or mold under suitable temperature and humidity humidity conditions so remember just earlier talking about the schools and then not have any air conditioning and it being damp as the perfect environment to grow mold mycotoxins may develop on various foods and agricultural crops causing serious respiratory ailments and animal health currently more than three hundred mycotoxins are known but scientific attention is focused mainly on those that are proving to be carcinogenic or toxic human experiments Boettcher to mycotoxins occurs through ingestion of contaminated foods and dirt through skin contact with contaminated surface says and breathing and air and dust containing mycotoxins food sources of mycotoxins include plant derived foods that are contaminated with mycotoxins in mycotoxins and their metabolites in animal products such as meat and eggs unfortunately mycotoxins are read this sent to most food processing methods including heat and a dish and water damage to buildings like here in New England like we're just talking about our common root of mycotoxin exposure and often goes unrecognized as mold can grow on almost any wet and warm place including inner walls of buildings fiberglass insulation and wall paper among other things mycotoxins produced by molds may differ based on the species of mold and how talks a Janick this species is a single malt species may produce several different mycotoxins toxic effects can be acute chronic mutagenic or tear it to genic harmful effects of mycotoxins can be causing illnesses such as micro ties so says my co says can range from mild and reversible irreversible organ damage and life threatening and basis aspergillosis depending on the specific type of mycotoxin the health of the individual and the exposure levers levels of course in the time course of the mycotoxin insurrections in other circumstances we'll take a fact in each individual case so again you know no one size fits all we're looking at each individual person we're seeing what they're high in what they've been exposed to and then what we do is actually talk about what they can do to improve the air quality whether it's you know in your home or where you work and that what foods we can eat to eliminate some of this and what supplements we can take so when you get a mycotoxin tests done it's looking at you and your is your analysis and it's drop shipped to your home and your what we're looking at to see okay I have I been exposed to this I think I have maybe I'm a teacher who works in Providence I'm pretty sure I've been exposed to something okay so then what we would do is drop ship the product to your home on the tip the kit and then actually determine what you have been exposed to and with that we then look at foods and supplements we can do to to get that out of your system so it's not like we find out you have it it's the day is done no I actually talked to a natural Pathak Dr and California we go over your results and then I sit and figure out what supplements and foods and things to be should be consuming to help eliminate this from your system mycotoxins pathogenic a fax are multifactorial and complex and could target all organ systems including the nervous system cardiovascular system respiratory system thank you stiff system urinary system I'm using system endocrine system reproductive system X. Sattar on so basically every system in your body that this can be affecting you on a multi level way so I want you guys to understand that molds that because it might what is called mycosis that spelled M. Y. C. O. S. C. ask can be divided into two categories primary pathogens that affect healthy people or opportunistic pathogens that can affect people who are chronically ill or maybe they have suppressed immune system that's more often in children and the elderly or people that are chronically sick oxidative stress and inflammation are mechanisms that contribute to mycotoxin induced toxicity mycotoxins have been shown to induce intracellular glutathione depletion and study suggests that anti oxidants may mitigate the toxic effect of mycotoxins associated with this oxidative stress so again mycotoxins activate an inflammatory response in human macrophages intestinal inflammatory diseases airway inflammation and atopic dermatitis mycotoxins have been shown to impact micronutrient as arson distribution metabolism and excretion and livestock with mycotoxin kos says so I want you guys to realize that another status that's up on my site it's called the micronutrient testing I'm going to click on that myself here and you can go ahead and lock and scroll down and see all the different vitamins and minerals that we are checking in this task so we're looking at the extracellular and intracellular AT and all the roles that these different vitamins and minerals can affect how they can affect us what they can do from vitamin a all the B. vitamins C. D. three D. the twenty five oh eight usually a doctor only tax that we also check the D. three vitamin E. vitamin K. one K. two folate sodium potassium co enzyme Q. ten Sistine selenium glutathione as far gene glutamine serene all I'm going to go on and on here so I'll just keep saying that magnesium manganese zinc all of these different and the branch chain amino acids and they take omega fatty acids you do to make sure that you have the right amount of baby you're a vegan maybe you don't eat enough tests on maybe don't eat anything that's right if you're vegan so maybe that's something that you need to look at and decide you know is this something that I want to do for my health because what magazine as I Meg spent around for over fifteen years now at least more than that believe me but talking and in being an expert in nutrition for over fifteen years that we need to be more proactive about our health and our conventional doctors are going to task for this stuff they're not going to test for mold they're not going to test you know what maybe you know somebody that works in a building that's you think may be a toxic building are dirty building or whatever sick building whatever you wanna call it's all semantics you know maybe this is something you want to get for them because you're like you know what I want you to live a long healthy life maybe you're set someone in your family or your best friend or you know I mean let's let's just a minute teachers get the short end of the stack my father was a teacher I know you know they they they don't make a lot of money they work very very hard a lot of times people think oh they get the whole summer awful actually they only got about eight weeks off and in that eight weeks they have to go set up there for their classrooms so there there early they had meetings they have to go to so it you know when you when people think of when I hear people make comments about teachers and how what easy position as I would tell you that you probably don't have someone in your family that's a teacher at and you can see how hard that that actually can be not only dealing with all kinds of children with different kinds of problems but also dealing with parents of these children that could be a whole nother topic and I probably have to have a social worker and on this side conversation at some point if I wanted to talk about that some more but you guys are listening to the harmony of food show go over to harmony with food dot com remember you get free information or you can go on to the paid tab and get the forty nine ninety nine information that I add to all.

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