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Situations ten forty i'm dave you ran the yankee seem to find a way on a new nightly basis i can give our team of lead pretty good up there late in the game you know i'm gonna try to do here judge with the game winning home run up anthony sports x saturday in the eighth to complete a four three rally over the mexican game to this weekend subway series bombers can sweep city field luis severino seth lugo eight oh five first pitch on the fan seven o'clock extended pregame the post reporting the mets were considering a possible michael conforto option at aaa amid four thirtythree struggles maybe even as a corresponding move for you and assessment is coming up dl cesspits those suffering a right quad strain last night double a rehab assignment mickey callaway starts on conforto young player that goes to ups and downs and like you said about you know week and a half ago we started seeing the real michael conforto and lately hasn't been saying yankees meantime putting masahiro tanaka on the ten day dl because a mild hamstring strains justify the second horse and four years thirteenth overall to win the triple crown accomplishing such belmont stakes yesterday and the french open men's final raf doll up on dominic theme six four three one with reports every twenty minutes debut ram wfan twenty twenty sports the feazel world cup on fox maybe happening halfway around the world but you're connected to it it's in your dna perhaps you've heard of the brilliance of rinaldo back what if part of your dna originated in portugal or maybe your dna connects you to argentina where messy is.

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