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That bus was driven exclusively by brooks folks running back the money truck up won't but here's the thing that was like the best most eloquent question we've ever received about jacoby myers certainly about dacoven. Myers i i get to hear those all the time and no one else gets too so i just thought i it sounded. It sounded like it was almost a bit at the end. Like he was doing a bit like he got the whole question he was eloquent and then was like oh shoot. Hey congratulations you made the show. Sure did jacoby myers jason. The new england patriots clearly prioritize their offense and free agency. Jonas smith hunter henry tight ends. They were added for big money. Nelson galore was added kendrick born they have tried to retool this offense but jacoby myers was heavily heavily targeted last year. You mean in games. He played a twenty two point. Seven percent target share he. The caller was not wrong that we have seen the slot role. Be very important to the bill. Belichick offense know whether or not. That's a tom brady thing or a bill. Belichick thing. that thing jury's still out on that where are you on. Jacoby myers so i completely believe that jacoby myers is one of the top two options. There i see you know. I think they're going to run a lot of twelve personnel. Obviously they paid money to have two tight ends out there. And you're going to see a lot of too wide receiver sets and i believe it's nelson aguilar and jacoby myers. So that's what you want. You want one of those to stay on the field. A lot have a lot of opportunity once he took the job i just. A reminder jacoby myers did nothing for the first six weeks or so where wasn't on the field and was injured but after that from week. Seven on jacoby myers was averaging over seven targets game right and he didn't do enough because the the quarterback sucks right did last year so my belief is that If i'm going to take a shot in fact we just did our mock draft. And i took my. I think it was my last round pick. I chose nelson aguilar You can't get it back. no. I don't think cam can get back I think that Mac could macking it back. Mac will throw for more yards and touchdowns than cam did last year. That's that's certain if he if he were play for a full season Cam was valuable weapon offensively but that came through the legs through the rushing. I'm curious if like do you see a world. Where maybe mac is the starter and then they get to the goal line and they just print man and then. Oh i That's a that's a thought exercise. I don't think so but he was so it honestly down there. That's not a bad idea. Assuming that cam newton is like you can keep his morale up with that type of situation so to to finish the jacoby myers. Thought i do think it's between myers and adler four. Who is the the main wide receiver. There i'm going to go with the experience and the athleticism of And the money of nelson laura but the experience of the system and knowing You know the trust of Current quarterback cam newton. You can take your shot. Jacoby myers e. The nice thing is either one you want to take a shot on their your last pick. I think he's worth a shot at the end. Instagram from buff alligator. I if i were. Don't mess with our to wrestle. An alligator i would definitely not want the buffalo. Yeah skinny scrawny alligator right. Th i prefer toothless one. That's the only alligator. I would ever wrestle is a toothless one and i would also not wrestle that allocate. How many sit down meals should one man get out of a rotisserie chicken okay. So now we're not sharing this one. No one man. How many meals should Okay sit down you get a meal you should at least one. You should get at least at least one. Yes okay. i think that was a given. But i believe you glad you cleared it up. I believe you could go to too. But that's the cap you can't get over to know i'm a grown man. You're sitting down. You have the full rotisserie chicken. Are you going one drum one chicken breast or you're splitting it right in half. You know what. I mean if you wanna make this two meals which is probably healthier better wiser That you're vulcan and trying to packer on the pounds Before i shred I'm in bulk season. So yeah you you wanna cut it down the middle. You don't wanna go like both drums and then your second meal you know. Get a drumstick. You wanna make sure you get the same meal both times. Split it right down the middle This one's off the website. Katie in san diego would you trade the one. Oh three in a rookie. Draft for daring waller. Oh yeah so. You're trading you a trade kyle. Pit straight up for daring wallet. Because that's probably who it is. Okay so najji and j j marchese probably. You're one of the most common but at one. Oh three you could see you know the. I guess any one of those four players of of najji jomar chase travis. Ctn kyle pits. You would trade. Potentially one of those players straight up for darren waller and they and katie. Ads Her current tight end is no offense okay. So it's it's certainly an interesting debate. I think you reaction was very surprising. Yeah you andy. would certainly rather have kyle earn waller. Am i correct. That is correct. So the way that i look at it dare waller's twenty eight which Sounds older when you're talking about running backs wide receivers. It's not at tight end tight fair. He's about to be twenty nine he's You know you look at kelsey right now. What's chelsea thirty two something like that. All it okay. So you see a lot of About to turn thirty two. Okay so you see a lot of great tight ends that play longer into their color. Your well how. How old is travis. Kelsey the greatest fantasy tight end of. That's my point is that he is peaking in his thirty s. It's not like a my that he started peaking in his mid twenties. Sure he'll go. With greg olsen or delaney walk shared cook or the others saying tight ends can have a lot of fantasy success later in the career. I don't look at their and waller like he's got one year left the way that i might look at a twenty eight twenty nine year old running back that he's got a year left But he's a known commodity. We know he's great. We know he's going to be good for fantasy we know he's gonna dominate. Do you think how pets is bust. Proof. it's impossible for him to go. The way of eric hebron who was a top ten pick and was snow. That's certainly not so anybody can bust. I guess maybe this is more team dependent right like if you are a competing championship level team. And he. no offense is not going to really inspire you right now trading to get there and waller and shoring up your already great roster to go get a championship. I think is worth it. If you are in a rebuild or your. Maybe hoping to make the playoffs this year. You might not then. You're looking more build for the future. Two years down the road okay. Let encompasses better. Let's change it. It's not kyle pits. it's jomar chase. He fell to number three. You have no fan. Are you trading the upside of jamarcus again. Not not okay. let's say again. I don't think that your march marchesi can't bust. But all of the all of the boxes are checked. For jomar chase. Yeah i wouldn't trade tomorrow. Tesa wouldn't trade. Now i think there's a situation where i would trade Pits and i would definitely trade anyone after that. Right i mean is is if you had the fourth pick as a question of whether or not you would create who would be your fourth after those three probably devante. Et energy devante. But it's tough man. This is the top of this draft class when you devante travis t. and then you have devante. Smith mean. I don't think i would do it. I don't think i would trade that especially with no fan. No fan has breakout potential. This year as well from the website matt says. Should i keep darnell anderson aka daryl henderson the rams running back see now. I'm getting mixed up now. Which one is it. Daryl unders i keep daryl henderson and forfeit a sixth round pick or j. dobbins for a fifth. This is a ppa our league p p r..

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