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Thank you for his service. What he's done for many years for this state in this country. The former football coach will face incumbent Democratic Senator Doug Jones in November's general election. In other primary elections. Main House Speaker Sara Gideon beat two other Democrats on Tuesday for the right to challenge Republican Senator Susan Collins. In a race that's critical to the battle for control of the Senate. Democrats need to gain at least three seats to capture Senate control. Republicans are defending 25 of the 38 seats in play. Former Texas GOP representative Pete Sessions, who spent more than 20 years in Congress won his primary runoff in a new district and Ronny Jackson. President. Trump's former White House position wins the GOP nomination for a Texas congressional seat. Bill Michaels. Washington Corona virus cases went up in 37 states and Texas reported a daily record of 10,705. Covad 19 infections. Here's San Antonio Mayor Ron Nierenberg. This is a very dire situation. It's one that deserves everyone's attention. Florida confirmed 132 Corona virus deaths yesterday. That's a one day record for the state. Rolling seven day averages 81 deaths per day, currently the 2nd 2nd highest in the country, right behind Texas. Masks make a difference. At least that's according to the CDC and what they're stressing Dr. Robert Redfield, the head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, says everyone should wear a mask well out and about these cover into the key. You know, if you really look at it. The data is really clear. They work You know we're not defenseless against this virus. Redfield also tells the Buck Institute masks will be a key factor in the re opening of schools. I'm Joe Moritz. As Corona virus surges across the south and southwestern US Dr Anthony Fauci is calling on young people to do better. Nadia Romero reports. At least 27 states air, pausing a rolling back plans to reopen because of the surge. The nation's top infectious disease expert says the rise is likely linked to the lifting of restrictions in those states. Individuals, mostly young people were seen at bars congregated in crowded places. Many of them without masks, which really adds fuel to the fire and is calling on America's youth to do better. It may not matter to you, because you probably not gonna get any symptoms. But the chances are you're going to infect someone. Who then will infect someone. Who then will be a vulnerable person who could get sick who could get hospitalized Who could even die in Washington? I'm not a Romero President. Trump has signed legislation and an executive order that says he'll hold China accountable for its oppressive actions against the people of Hong Kong. Kristie Lu Stout reports more on what China's reaction is. China has responded to this latest move by US President Donald Trump China now saying it's going to take necessary measures and impose stations on relevant US individuals.

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