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The masons core values many freemasons including the influential albert mackey who spoke of last week often equate tuba came as the volkan of the pagans volkan was the roman got a fire forge and blacksmith vulcan was known to threaten any who crossed or guessed with death by fire he burnt many villages and forests to destroy upcoming harvests as punishment vulcan also had ceremonies and festivals in his honor that included humans sacrificed in smoldering fires why mackey thought this was a compliment to tubal cain is questionable but like most all historical and present figures we tend to let slide the ill actions and focus only on the good which appears to be the case here in fact in official freemasonry he's held in such high regard that tube mccain was the first secret password given to new master masons as they make their way to the induction ceremony to will cain is viewed by freemasons as the ancient father of masonry but with the full context of who they relate to kane to and the way as origins are traced to the first ever murderer and concern lead many to doubt the intent also leading terrorist to doubt the freemasons intent the freemason symbols as we mentioned last week the freemasons use many different symbols to mark their buildings and rituals on their face many of these symbols appear to be innocent but they may not be atop the united grand lodge of england entrance sits a coat of arms with angels on each side just underneath the angels the latin phrase audi vide tocci which roughly translates to hear see besides want this phrase is taken from a longer saying audi vide tocci cv's va on k or here c b silent if you want to live in peace this phrase is interesting on its own but what's more intriguing is the angels themselves the angels on the building are shown to have hooves for feet signifying that their fallen angels the angels have human bodies wings and the legs and feet of a goat much like the accepted depiction of the infamous occultist icon the baffle may and these tannock symbols are on the front entry of the foremost building in masonry.

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