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Storm's path still uncertain to be a news update hurricane Dorian is now one of the most powerful storms ever in the Atlantic and all of its strength has been falling and blowing on the Bahamas where the situation is described as catastrophic Dorian is so slow moving its eventual track along the US east coast remains far from certain Broward county Florida is typical in preparations we talk with the mayor mark Bogen we close our government buildings are parks library so basically we've really come to shut down and most everything our airport fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport will be closed at twelve noon we're preparing for the worst and hoping for the best basically I'm Jim Krystle in Jacksonville Florida it's an agonizing wait for millions of the southeast U. S. coast as hurricane dory insurance over the Bahamas evacuations have been ordered here in parts of Florida as well as much of the South Carolina coastline elsewhere many are taking a wait and see approach with one of the stronger storms ever measured in the Atlantic CBS news update on Tom forty police in Norton are investigating a double stabbing police were called to Lincoln street just before five Saturday night and found a woman lying in the road was stab wounds a man who had also been stabbed was found behind a nearby house both were taken to the hospital with non life threatening injuries the man has been charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon a vigil was held Sunday night for the dozens of people gunned down Saturday in Odessa Texas CBS's David bag no has more the seven victims who died range in age from fifteen to fifty seven those killed was twenty nine year old postal carrier merry Granada time basically heard a scream we.

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