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Recognize your voice lucas and when we first spoke hol you've been doing this uh will be uh uh there's a as race director we used to broadcast this thing loved you remember wjr news truck parked behind them the hide stand you and i tell you i am very fortunate to have an amazing crew a people and and you'll ball and mire startline coordinator is just so get he's an engineer chrysler and just uh very very meticulous about all his doubts so yeah when we parche guys up he's always now concerned about making sure you got a good spot we can win only got a good spot we started the race for example we were broadcast back here to the fischer building and we had to queue the guys on the stand who couldn't really see us which are cadet morning so for you to thwart the horned to toots and that was okay to start but the problem was the to its went on the air so the next year we came up with flash delights twice that means it was time for the guys to start the race uh you probably go back when it finished inside cobol i i remember this we went up the ramp the loading dock ramp and then finish inside kobo so what's the rush is is is it true that the his rush at after they run a marathon i aftermath i well have done over two hundred of them so i i think it's more of you cross the finish line and feel like wow i just ran a great race and that's the reason that you know you felt like you did all your homework and and ran the vestry she possibly could you know you crossed that line and you're you're in his site is like oh my god i just ran a really good race so some of the routes are a really short and some of them were pretty long that the longest starts down by like the the gas building is in a goes all the way to wear.

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