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I tend to stay away from political humor of those probably just so well funniest music key um well. It has to depend on your vocal range because you have to figure out what key your voice is the funniest for any particular song and then just go with that. Do you have a favorite comedy bang character of my own or or what not of you're not of my own you've been on episodes gosh on the podcast or the TV show either one. I like the Scott Aquaman character you pray at the La. Ask Mary kill assuming they are alive since tired Allan Sherman a Stanford in Alfred Newman the magazine character wow mad the ad really gosh well. You know you don't have to have sex with him so Beatles they collaborate Kim's weird then he'd be like forcing yourself. I feel weird about killing standard Allen's like to kill Alfred Newman. I'm sorry Alfred Alfred and I guess collaborate with Stan and Mary Allen that is correct okay. I didn't know there was a right answer. It was and you got it right on the money. That's it for another good one foul weird Al on twitter Al Yankovic and on Instagram at Alfred Yankee good okay by me and my comment just directed our theme Song Writer Viewing Rate To Joan Apple podcasts five stars and hey if you'd know anyone who might like the podcast asked. Maybe tell them once a heck you email me. Comments questions are laughing around suggestions so good Kazaa. GMO DOT COM. I'm Dave Fox saying follow.

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