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McClay. Here's our top story. KTAR is on Gration homeland security secretary curious Jin Nielsen will be in you bet lunchtime to meet with US customs and border protection ice and others to get a firsthand account of what officers are dealing with in the flood of Central American migrants any the last game of the border patrol and says having the marines and national guard at their side has kept the system from crumble in the past, you know, you'd have waves where you'd see a little break. And we're not seeing the break. It's it's just getting more and more and more every day. We're seeing higher number earlier this week the homeland security secretary said the border crisis deserves a response you'd see dealing with a cat five hurricane. She will meet the president and collect Seco California tomorrow to visit the border wall. And you my Jim cross KTAR news. Meanwhile, President Trump from the cabinet room of the White House told reporters today that Mexico had better help the US or else in the fight against the. Illegal immigration. We need help from Mexico if Mexico doesn't give the help. That's okay, we're gonna tear if their cars coming into the United States. You says if that doesn't work he'll make good on his promise to close the US Mexico border. A ten year old girl is dead. The victim of a senseless act of road rage in west Phoenix. It happened at around six yesterday evening near thirty ninth avenue and Roosevelt Phoenix police sergeant Vince Lewis says the driver of a white Ford f one fifty pickup truck followed a family of four home after the driver of that vehicle did something to anchor him. Lewis told every zone is morning news that the driver opened fire on the car striking ten year old summer bell Brown and her dad. She died this morning. This was a homicide. This was a decision by suspect to use that deadly force for what appears to be at offense or being offended while they were driving. Her father is expected to survive. Lewis says they're looking for the driver of that Ford f one fifty pickup truck. Tuck the New York Times and Washington Post reporting that some investigators are saying they aren't happy with attorney general William bars four page summary of special counsel, Robert Muller's final report saying they think the findings of the investigation are board troubling for President Trump democrat house speaker Nancy Pelosi had this comment during her weekly briefing today, an easy answer to this than these the Muller report as soon as possible White House press secretary, Sarah Sanders, says the White House is dismissing the reports by the times and the post and now for a check on traffic..

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