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And Twitter and on the club's YouTube channel, and is now my very great pleasure to introduce today's distinguish speaker Jeff Rosen president and CEO of the national constitution center. He's also professor at George Washington University law school and author of the new book William Howard Taft, which is part of the American presidents series. And I read that book, and I highly recommend it. Excellent. With the retirement of Justice, Anthony, Kennedy and the appointment of Brett Kavanagh. The supreme court is at a turning point from privacy and free speech to affirmative action and immigration and presidential powers. All these things will be. For the court and interesting questions arise as to how the court will. And the constitutional change is a result of all this. And so today, which is ironically the day after the midterms elections and the day after Jeff Sessions was relieved of his office as attorney general we're going to be looking to examine some of the most hotly contested constitutional questions of our time, and what they might bode for the future of the country as the CEO of the national constitution center. Professor Rosen presides over a nonpartisan organization established by congress as the first and only institution in America. To disseminate information about the constitution in order to increase the understanding of the American people, and what could be more important than that today. The Los Angeles Times called professor Rosen, the nation's most widely read and influential legal commentator, he remains a contributing editor of the my mom. Mom, actually. Virtue is S as in commentaries have here in the New York Times on National Public Radio in the new Republic where he was the Legal Affairs editor and in the New Yorker where he was a staff writer. Professor Rosen is a graduate of Harvard College Oxford university and Yale Law School. Please welcome Jeff Rosen..

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