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Heartland Yusefi dot. com. The Stream is supported by advertisers and contributions by you. Follow us on facebook twitter and instagram. Big announcement in just a few hours I'm Joe Chiro Fox News President Trump expected to name has choice to replace the late supreme. Court. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, multiple sources, Tell Fox, news he has chosen seventh, circuit appeals. Court Judge Amy Coney Barrett Fox's David Sponge was some background many people many conservatives would be excited Those conservatives have craved a conservative voice here on the court kind of in the mold of justice, Antonin Scalia and Judge Barrett proves that one of the reasons she actually clerked for him back in one thousand. Nine hundred, Ninety eight specifically working here inside the Supreme Court building behind him. Now she knew she saw him operate she's a textualist she understands the text of the constitution. That's what many conservatives are looking for specifically the Federalist Society President. Trump's announcement scheduled for five PM Eastern time thousands of people attending a prayer march in. Washington. Ahead of the announcement, it will make its way from the Lincoln Memorial to Capitol Hill Vice President Mike Pence making a surprise appearance at the event for all of the members of the Congress of the United. States. For All of our justices on the supreme. Court including the remarkable. That the president will on. The march organized by evangelist Franklin Graham. The mayor of Rochester New York names and interim police chief after the previous chief resigned over outrage in the death. Of Daniel. PRUDE. Fourteenth Cynthia Harry Sullivan will become the first female interim police chief in Rochester New York Sullivan served the Department for Twenty four years. She previously held a role examining deaths in police custody the new foles, a weeks of protests over the death of Daniel.

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