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Into the shooting industry shootings sports ammunition firearms optics that sort of thing so were heavy in that on the terry's alliance could that's kind of where we grew out of but we have companies that are service companies as well we of media companies and we have graphic design we have web development we have credit card processing we have other things that these businesses all need to work together so think about what a big conglomeration corporation would have access to services weis we've rut those people in this part of the network so we're all independent companies but we are working together and that glue is the first responders and veterans piece ties it's altogether in so your mission our goal is really to provide resources for veterans that give them a special price point yes yeah that's part of it the biggest part of it is that we let's say that we have a product that we donate a percentage of the proceeds to veterans foundation so in one of our other businesses snake river shooting products which is actually based out of emmett idaho we manufacture the line of team never quit ammunition in partnership with launcher beiber retired navy seal marcus will travellers movie made about him several years ago were mark wahlberg played marcus letran yeah and so we built at the a malign his aim aligned team never quit the brand was built justice support lone survivor foundation was foundation that marcus founded for vets coming back in dealing with ptsd year lost limbs and working through the mental state of getting back into plugged into civilian life so are you actually manufacturing ammo yep or are you just a reseller of an well both but we await manufacture the team never quit line outright so that's a that's our project that we manufacturing partnership with a few other companies the bullet company end up case manufacturing company so we work together to build that product and about forty percent of the profits of that go to the launch beiber refoundation so it's awesome you take that and you tie that together with a number.

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