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Their, the not let has been fixed. He's looser and. Range of motion emotional things about he played last year last season, trying to attack with our I. Know there a lot of talk about MS tackles, but. He has a staint early on than once. He got landed on affiliate game, which is just a one hundred million. Deal where somebody were to fall on the way they fell. As the Circumstances! That was unfortunate, but Now gets a face now. He's coming into the season. Ready to go and I think you're going to give him the battling. And Twenty twenty. Iran in terms of you know we talk about late Vandereycken, and he's obviously. Boise and and Jane referenced you. You've had a few boise. Guys come through. I feel like you were one of the. You were probably the agent ahead of that. The Boise Explosion in the NFL rep a lot of guys there. And people talk about the Dallas Boise connection that kind of make jokes about one of your guys Curtis Weaver told us when we talked to him before the draft that that was what he said to the cowboys, you know. Oh, I know where your pipeline and things like that. What is it? Do you think about the Boise pipeline? The Dallas like so much and I mean just your experience with that program with those players. What do you think it is? That brings Dallas to that well so often. Since two thousand eight. The one thing that in the reason, once Orlando Orlando was no different personality than most because he's got on a shoulder. Angry on everything all the tire, but it worked for Orlando and it were. You know as a player in the reason you lasts in the league because he always wanted to prove everybody wrong i. ask them and tally Boise dies that every. Attack Wells at the time of the two thousand eight nine ten eleven twelve years Boise, they go to Jane, back, down the order of the Golden Georgia in Atlanta, beat them in the opener. Day Ministry. Need for us, so go to these power. Five teams always open the season approval they win, and then the rest of the year you're trying to. Keep credibility in. Keep your ranking because reclaiming them on West, so these players is the guys better these guys while they never respected yet and the healing now in the comedy NFL, too. I mean for all the. Bears you who in the first? Lady in the first round it was. Shaming land in Doug. Martin, but they had all these really good players coming out that were that were on the sayings of sound proud latency scenarios where. was, the bryner lacquer to point Jane you and I talked about to the draft that because Marinelli was there and will lay in bed bloom all there is. Will lead to the draft lady he needed to do online dominated as it was great for meetings in business or great, so he was the perfect storm came by the cowboys in nineteen, but the rest of the common shoulders everybody wrong for whole time during the lead in Azure, allowed starting to for six years now. Forty Yar Andrei every year low child, always saying I have to get better I have to prove to people at I belong, so it doesn't matter even after you get paid. They always have show the. Older not good enough, or you wanted to patch while you are SEC. When in reality is voicing. When You look at Leyton and a guy who was a walk on at Boise, and and had to fight to even make that team and get the scholarship and and everything i. View as just kind of a quiet guy, and you know the down to Earth Town Guy, but I mean. He did have that background of being a walk on. Do you think he also has a little bit of that chip on his shoulder? I don't know that people look at him that way. Even though you thousand, nine, hundred eighty still wants to prove. Prove out, but can be the best linebacker in the NFL. I trump cake. I made it. I'm done. He wants to prove it brewery rhyming people. Laden was. The Basle of Land State of Idaho. In High School tournaments. Guys for the NBA Labor Dot com this. Late wasn't Yang di one offers that allow. These guys were because he was playing for a team high. But I believe that the basketball around he must be what had a walk on Boise state for basketball late in Hollywood and play in the NBA. You know forty years for six five. People he can shoot.

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