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The lower extremity and the coronary artery disease is the upper body. So let's kinda like just separate that for a second both disease. These are result of atherosclerosis. So when when folks you know you've gone to the doctor. Maybe some of your family members have had coronary artery disease and how it works. They have gotten test where they put a die into the To if there's any kind of blockage will the same thing applies to peripheral artery disease except it's in the lower legs and how that works is Your arteries from your waist down can also get clogged with plaque. In fatty fatty lipids. And what happens is when those things continue to manifest. that's when they can get completely bought. A same applies for coronary artery disease except for. It's going the flow stops towards your heart so your legs and feet need the blood flow. In order to keep you moving in thriving same as the blood flow needs to go to your heart to keep moving in thriving so the are similar in the results that they are both With Fatty fatty lipids and definitely with plaque. It's just in two different places. So you're you're essentially telling us don't be sedentary get up and move right to make sure that we don't have those types of issues Because as what the proper diet as with you know not eating the things that are bad for us maybe getting more towards up. I'm gonna say any more towards the plant based diet some folks that want to hear that but but again eating more more nutritious foods that helps the entire body and obviously the heart but just being active being mobile Those are the kinds of things that could possibly help reduce the chances of getting getting correct correct. Pd iran cad. And the reason. Why is because when you are active it allows those arteries to keep the blood flowing. The blood will continue to flow through your body so the the plaque doesn't have a chance to build up and you're right. You're right that in fact that eating healthier we all know we're our mom told us told us you gonna eat that. Sure our spouses tell us. Even you know our our siblings. Tell us you know one may be more healthier than the other and trying to tell them you know if you ate this. You know you wouldn't be like this and we're like yeah. It's all good but then we resort.

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