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This podcast and following message are sponsored by wbur and read it presenting endless thread the new podcast that brings the front page of the internet to your air buds brought to you by whist yup video hosting available wherever you get your podcasts from wbur boston and npr i'm ray suarez and this is on point and eight minutes speech sunday night set off a full week of speculation we'll she'd do it the she is oprah winfrey media titan philanthropist one of the most prominent african americans in the us the yet the highest office in the land the presidency in twenty twenty three years ago the idea of a celebrity with no political experience melting a credible presidential campaign might have been laughable dismissed then came 2016 the election of donald trump could we do it again should we this hour on point president oprah and celebrity candidate culture you can join us on air or online did you watch oprah's golden globes speech that she seem presidential join us anytime on twitter and facebook at on point radio if you didn't watch oprah's speech you'll find it at our website on point radio dot org joining me now from npr west in culver city california is angela rai a democratic strategist and cnn political commentator she's the former executive director and general counsel to the congressional black caucus she is now the principal and ceo of impact strategies a political advocacy firm angela wright welcomed one point thank you so much glad to be here and with me from leesburg virginia is sophia nelson a journalist and msnbc political analyst a republican former house committee council she is the author of the 2011 book black woman redefined dispelling myths and discovering fulfillment in the age of michelle obama and last year's e pluralist one reclaiming our founders vision for a united america sofia nelson welcome to on point thank you for having angela rai when you saw this over a boomlet.

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