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You'll get a baby you you're twenty. You really really crazy amazing. You look what you look like. You Look my act sean thanks. I just had three cupcakes. Your Birthday Party amazing. It's insane you look sell them. Well I'm working out seven days a week do that. I'm eating healthy most of the time but also now that I'm working out so hard it's great because I feel like when I want to indulge. I can do it without any guilt right. That's what I need to do. I need to get back. 'cause I used to work out a gain weight. This is a lot of thing but I think when I was with a trainer I was gaining weight. 'cause I I was at the trainer as of Jason and I was like two thirty. So heavy on one eighty. That's a huge difference. I don't know I don't know maybe working on. It's not my so what's the response to your podcast. Been LIKE AMAZING. People will sing. I love listening to it. And they're enjoying it positive or I don't want to jinx it but like when I look at the reviews like everything's positive on the podcast and I'm GonNa Youtube like this should be doing through you. Know How many listeners you're getting show. I think my the most popular was Shane's at two million downloads. Holy Fuck I think. Jeffrey's was around one point eight. Wow that's that's big. I know they told me. Like a million dollars is a lot for like a podcast. Not even getting anywhere near that. I think even like David and Jason. Get like nine hundred thousand will they? I knew them so. I don't even think why all mine those were like the top ones. Obviously that's average. I should ask them. I have no idea what I average on news about the flaking and it was on drugs. Said we'll do it on Saturday. Because if she flakes on Saturday like I'm a loser. I'm not going out Saturday night anyway. Worked up here by Saturday night date when we both have dates tonight. Me AND TAB day I'll be at all day long. You're like me one of only mainstream people. I've only had a few mainstream people on but a lot of seven people like Mickey Avalon along. Yeah I slipped into next week as Corey Feldman. Yeah so I just love nostalgia. I don't know if that's phone or you're older. Soul like Corey Feldman. Yeah so anyways all right it's been it's been a mixed court me. She was my first female guest. What is she doing for money? These days she she is not only fans. She has a rich boyfriend and she's doing got Doug Hutchison hasn't talked tell all book try and get him on the podcast. Nobody cares about him. I love him. You do yeah. I was obsessed with their story. I know I go with the people nobody care about. I care more about her than him. Yeah because he's attractive. There's also something like you're rooting for her. Yeah because you're just rooting for abused. Dating was taking advantage young girl. Which is I want like. I liked it. I guess you shouldn't give those people always curious. What older men think I'm like? What are you having common to the fifteen year old? You know what I mean like sex like she was a virgin. She didn't want to have sex so it was like. What did you have in common before that anyways? That's a whole other topic but all right you guys. This has been the district. Trish thinks president on podcast one. Maybe I'll get a podcast one. Read for your podcast. Yeah you guys. If you don't have read yours. Oh Yeah Yeah Yeah. Oh it's so weird. Put it at the end of our show like before you go enjoy my show. Listen to but I think it is insert mind cause I just do. The ad reads like a separate and then they just insert it somewhere. I don't know that's cool. Oh we'll check him out and guys if you leave a comment and a rating early does help. The podcast goes up somewhere. But we're on spotify now so check that out and we'll run things press Hilton..

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